March 17, 2018

“Homecoming” Is Nothing New for the Texans

There has been recent talk of this “Homecoming” situation with the New England Patriots being something more than it is. The game takes place on December 1st in Houston and there are connections being drawn by the National Media after the Texans wore the infamous “letter jackets” on the trip to New England last season which resulted in a big win for the Patriots 42-14.

With news spreading about this game, the national media took to twitter,




The Texans label their games with Texans Care, State of Football, Liberty White Out, Hispanic Heritage Day, Pink Ribbon Day, Battle Red Day, Salute to Service, Deep Steel Blue Sunday and Fan Appreciation Day. They all have good messages and get fans into the game, well the Homecoming theme is nothing different.

We found an article explaining the “Homecoming” theme at the Texans games,

As most of the locals are aware, the Texans have their own way of honoring local players of the past.  Since 2006, Texans fans have had the opportunity to connect with ‘legacy players’ through the Texans Ambassador program.   The Texans also hold an annual “Homecoming” event every year where Houston’s NFL players from the past are honored during game day activities. Full read here


So this “theme” of homecoming has nothing to do with letter jackets or getting back at the Patriots, it has been a tradition here in Houston. As much as the national media wants to spin this as a slap in the face to the Patriots, it is anything but that. If anything the Texans should have put more thought into who the “homecoming” game was against, but it really doesn’t matter in the long run.

These themes are for the fans not the players and the Texans’ players probably do not pay attention to what theme is for the game is. There will be plenty of discussion, but this “homecoming” has zero to do with the Patriots as much as everyone wants it to be about them.


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