March 24, 2018

Texans Updated 2013 Cap Number

The Houston Texans current 2013 cap situation. They are currently in 3rd for the least amount of cap space in the NFL, and only the Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Rams have less cap space.


Texans Situation

Contracts: 90

Unadjusted  Team Cap: $123,000,000.00

Previous Year Carryover: $2,422,689.00

Team Cap: $124,283,281.00

Cap Room: $763,445.00


The Texans have not had to make any cuts, restructuring of contracts or extensions to get under the current cap number. Despite the small cap room the Texans still can open up space moving into next season and this season. The prime candidates are extensions for Brian Cushing or Antonio Smith. 



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