March 21, 2018

Gameday Prep: Minnesota Edition

It is finally here and the Houston Texans are scheduled to open their 2013 Preseason schedule against the Minnesota Vikings (7 p.m. kickoff). We have talked to Mike Wobscall from to catch up on what they look like and we have also given some Texans players to watch for the upcoming game.




Vikings Prep

Know Your Opponent: Vikings

What Texans to Watch against the Vikings


Ryan Griffin, #84

Ryan Griffin, #84

– Brennan Williams, Sam Montgomery and Alan Bonner will be the only rookies from the draft class not to appear in the game tonight. Williams has a knee issue, Montgomery is getting back on track from an ankle issue and Bonner is resting his hamstring. Expect all the rest of the rookies to get some playing time, but it will be interesting to see what they do with DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins will spend the majority of his time with the first team offense and they are not scheduled to play more than one or two series. D.J. Swearinger, Trevardo Williams, David Quessenberry, Chris Jones and Ryan Griffin will see some good amount of time.

– Keshawn Martin will start in place of Andre Johnson. Coach Gary Kubiak will not let Johnson on the turf because he has not practiced on it all of training camp. Johnson does not need much time on the field and his time will be limited, for good reason.

– Keep an eye on the outside linebacker situation. Brooks Reed will be used lightly and it will be turned over to rookie free agents Justin Tuggle and Willie Jefferson. Both have had good training camps to date and have looked better than third year pro and special teams ace Bryan Braman. Despite his play on special teams, Braman is being passed up by rookies who have looked better than him. Trevardo Williams will also get some run at the position and it would be good to see him do good in the game after a disappointing training camp up to this point.

Eddie Pleasant

Eddie Pleasant

– The practice squad will start taking shape as the preseason goes on. Players like tight end Jake Byrne, inside linebacker Mike Mohamed and safety Eddie Pleasant are all prime candidates for the practice squad. They will get ample opportunity to take one of those eight spots for the start of the season.

– Veterans who are under the most pressure to make the best of this preseason: Darryl Sharpton, Bryan Braman, Lestar Jean and Jeff Maehl. All four have questions surrounding them heading into the season and how they fit into the plans:

Sharpton with his injury history.

Jean on his ability to be an NFL caliber wide receiver. There have been four wide receivers drafted since he was supposed to be the wide receiver opposite of Johnson.

Maehl has been in Houston for three years and the team hasn’t given up on him to this point, it must be for a reason. 

Braman has not gotten better as a defensive player and with a pass rush deficient outside linebacker group other players are passing him for playing time.

– Keep in mind when you see these players perform: a) which group they are going against, b) which players are around them, and c) the majority of the roster is already set. The young players are going to have to separate themselves from their own teammates and they will be putting game tape together for other NFL teams. Expect like every preseason for a rookie or a long shot to take the fan base by storm. The only question is who it may be.



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