March 21, 2018

The POGs: Texans vs. Vikings

We introduce our newest State of the Texans contributor in his weekly post, The POGs. Each week, Drake Eckhart will highlight the players of the game for each unit that took the field. We welcome Drake to the team. -PDS 


Texans Offensive POG: Case Keenum


Case Keenum

Case Keenum


This should be a no brainer to most. The hometown native, Case Keenum has made a huge step this offseason and he showed it off Friday night. With the highest passer rating of the night out of all Texans’ quarterbacks (109.7), Keenum went 13/18 for 125 yards and a touchdown. He showed off what he did so well at the University of Houston by throwing on the run and putting passes in tight places where only the receiver could catch it. Although T.J. Yates is your back up, Case is making a hard push.


Texans Defensive POG: Earl Mitchell

Earl Mitchell

Earl Mitchell










Well, he’s not 400 pounds but he sure played like it. Earl Mitchell showed off his athletic ability and quickness against the Vikings Friday night by getting in the backfield and making plays every chance he could. On multiple occasions, Mitchell found himself in the backfield 1 on 1 with a running back and, well, Earl ate him alive. His highlight of the game came near the five yard line where the Texans found their backs to the end zone. Mitchell read the snap count perfectly and devoured an up the gut run for a loss. With 3+ sacks coming from the nose tackle position between Earl Mitchell and Terrell McClain, it’s looking good for the defensive line.


Texans Special Teams POG: Randy Bullock

Randy Bullock

Randy Bullock











Bullock showed his ability to put kickoffs through the end zone on command. The second year kicker consistently kicked the ball well on kickoffs and showed his willingness  to tackle on the opening kick of the game. Bullock got his shot early with a 48 yarder which he nailed with ease. He would later have the opportunity before halftime to hit a 54 yarder but fell just short. Bullock looks to be in great shape to help this team this year.


Who were your Texans player of the games?

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One Response to “The POGs: Texans vs. Vikings”
  1. John Spurlock says:

    #92 ROCKED! #31 had the early interception. Glad to see Keenum doing well. Looks like Hopkins will get his chance. THIS fan is overall happy!

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