March 24, 2018

Texans 53 Man Roster: Version 3.0

The first preseason game is in the books and the Houston Texans have evaluated the roster and are now heading into their second preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. Practice time set the stage for Friday night and there were plenty of surprises from players, and disappointments to go along with it.

The position battles have just begun and in this installment of the 53 man roster prediction there are some major shakeups to the roster. Take a look.


You can see the the “Early Bird” version here and the second one after OTAs here. 


Texans 53 Man Roster 3.0

Green denotes Rookies

Offense (24)

Quarterback: Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, Case Keenum

At this point, who is the backup or third string does not matter. As long as Matt Schaub is upright, the rest is formalities.


Runningback: Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Cierre Wood

In our 53 man roster prediction right after OTAs, Wood was there and is still here at this point. Wood understands the offense and his one cut running style is what the Texans like. There is still room to grow for the back out of Notre Dame and he could easily step into a backup role, if necessary.


Fullback: Greg Jones

Still the same, Jones will be the guy in week one.


Tight End: Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham, Ryan Griffin

This group is growing into one of the strengths of the team. Graham and Griffin are good pieces to compliment Daniels and also are the future pieces for the offense.


Wide Receiver: Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Keshawn Martin, Lestar Jean, Alan Bonner

The biggest question mark of this group is Jean and his up and down performance puts him fighting for a roster spot. Jean’s future rests on DeVier Posey and how quick he comes back. If he does, there is a good chance that it could be the end of the road for Jean.


Offensive Tackles: Duane Brown, Derek Newton, Brennan Williams, Ryan Harris

The tackles are set and Harris will be the swing tackle for the season. One thing to watch is Williams coming back from his knee issue. He could possibly be an I.R. stash if he can’t get healthy in time.


 Offensive Guards: Wade Smith, Ben Jones, Brandon Brooks, David Quessenberry 

The best thing of this group is their versatility with Jones and Quesseberry. Quessenberry has been working at all of the positions except center, while Jones has been working at all three interior spots. It will help the team to keep less linemen moving into the season and concentrate on other roster positions.


Center: Chris Myers

Still the man for the Texans at center.


PUP: DeVier Posey


Defense (26)

Defensive End: J.J. Watt, Antonio Smith, Jared Crick, Tim Jamison, Chris Jones

The Texans look like they will carry five defensive linemen and all five of them bring something different to the team. Crick gives some extra run support while Jamison and Jones have some good interior pass rush to help out. The rookie Jones has really turned into a new player since he was able to put on pads. 


Nose Tackle: Earl Mitchell, David Hunter

No secret how much better Mitchell has become and Hunter can be a good run filler when needed. They have a nice combination right now at nose tackle and Hunter is making the most of his chances at the moment in practice and the first preseason game.


Outside Linebacker: Brooks Reed, Whitney Mercilus, Sam Montgomery, Willie Jefferson, Justin Tuggle

This is the biggest shakeup to the roster and it is for good reason. Right now Jefferson and Tuggle give the Texans a presence on the edge that Bryan Braman and Trevardo Williams do not. We respect what Braman does on special teams but the reality is Jefferson could possibly do that and give you something on defense, a pass rush. As for Tuggle, he has some presence about him on the field and it is more than Williams has brought, despite being a drafted rookie. Tuggle and Jefferson could help out an outside linebacker position group that needs help.


Inside Linebackers: Brian Cushing, Darryl Sharpton, Tim Dobbins, Joe Mays

Health is definitely the issue but this group looks much better than it did when training camp opened. Cushing and Dobbins have not worked in preseason and when they return it should be an even better situation to look at.


Cornerback: Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain, Brandon Harris, A.J. Bouye, Elbert Mack

This group is going to take some slight change with the addition of Bouye, who has not disappointed since he arrived. He put together a solid preseason performance but left some big plays on the field. Also, the addition of the veteran Mack will be needed for insurance. Both Bouye and Mack have put together some solid work in camp and during the first preseason game.


Safety: Ed Reed, Danieal Manning, D.J. Swearinger, Shiloh Keo, Eddie Pleasant

This group will have to bring another safety into the season with Reed’s status up in the air for week one. Reed will  be with the team but they will play it safe and bring Pleasant on the 53. The Texans will roll with Mannning, Keo and Swearinger to open the season and they could be the starting group for a short portion of time.


Specialty (3)

Kicker: Randy Bullock

Punter: Shane Lechler

Long Snapper: Jon Weeks


Practice Squad

(TE) Jake Bryne

(ILB) Cameron Collins

(OLB) Trevardo Williams

(WR) Alec Lemon

(FB) Zach Boren

(WR) EZ Nwachukwu

(OL) Bryan Collins

(OL) Cody White



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10 Responses to “Texans 53 Man Roster: Version 3.0”
  1. D says:

    Soooo… no Braman.. and why has chris jones been playing at DE?

  2. John says:

    No Terrell McClain?

  3. La Voz says:

    I can’t imagine Trevardo Williams going to the PS, but it definitely seems that the coaches are higher on Tuggle and Jefferson. Much more likely that Trevardo goes to IR than to the PS.
    I think Dennis Johnson will make it to the PS.
    As for Braman and McClain, the former needs to step up his play at OLB if he’s going to stick and the latter will need time against better competition in the preseason to determine whether he’ll stick.
    Can’t disagree with Carmichael being the odd man out at CB, though I don’t really know much about Mack so not really sure what gives him the edge over Roc.

    One last dark horse to consider is Deji Karim. Kubes praised his special teams work, which I would think is an enormous consideration for the 3rd string back. Might explain why Kubes wants to see more returns from Dennis Johnson. Also might be an bad omen for Cierre Wood since he’s not offering anything in the return game.

  4. jeff says:

    Just curious. Do you have Sam M. making the team because hes a high draft choice? He’s shown nothing so far.

    • PDS says:

      Yes he will be there. Of course he shown nothing he is hurt. He actually returned today to practice.

  5. ben says:

    No McClain is a glaring omission. I think they are really high on him.

    At least one of the leftover backs will be on the PSquad unless another team grabs them.

    Trevardo was drafted too high to not make the roster even if he is essentially invisible.

    Cody White is horrible and probably out of PSqaud illegibility at this point.

    I like Cruse over EZ on the practice squad.

    *** Watch for Quessenberry to start at Left Guard this week and possibly take the job from Wade Smith.

    • La Voz says:

      While reports I’ve heard from camp (Pat would know better) seem to indicate good things from McClain, we should temper our enthusiasm after his 2.5 sack game. Minnesota does not have the quality of depth the Texans do (I get the warm fuzzies just saying that given the Texans’ history), so McClain was beating up on folks who very well may not be in the NFL in 2-3 weeks.

      That said, he definitely earned himself a look against tougher competition. I would be curious to hear from Pat why Hunter over McClain, though.

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