March 21, 2018

SOTT Partnering with Sports Talk 790

We are honored to announce our partnership with Sports Talk 790. Thank you to all our readers for your support and we look forward to bringing you the same Texans news as before.


Sports 790 Release 

4 Responses to “SOTT Partnering with Sports Talk 790”
  1. La Voz says:

    So what does the partnership change from a content quantity or quality standpoint?

    As an aside, kudos for being the most informative of the Texans sites on the web (IMO, at least).

    • PDS says:

      Doesn’t change one single thing for the site. Will be the stations plug in for the Texans and we will be exclusive with them.

  2. James Williamson says:

    Congrats on this partnership! I have enjoyed reading everything on the site all off season. Well deserved.

  3. D-FENS says:

    Great work, and congratulations. Well deserved.

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