March 20, 2018

SOTT Friday Mailbag: Keenum Was the Case That They Gave Me

We open our Friday Mailbag to get ready for the weekend and the Houston Texans vs the Miami Dolphins. Readers asked about Trevardo Williams, Case Keenum and some more topics of interest.

See what was said.


SOTT Mailbag

Ben Jones is a mixed bag as an offensive lineman. Jones is one of the quicker offensive lineman the Texans have and really helped out at right guard in 2012. One position is going to help Jones because he has worked three different positions during training camp. He has the tendency to play high and get knocked around in the run game, but playing next to Duane Brown and Chris Myers could help him. Either way, expect Wade Smith to take back his position if and when he returns from his knee issue.

Only one preseason game, but expect the offense to go one quarter against Miami. In the third preseason game, expect them to go a half or longer.


I’m not big on being super critical of players, especially rookies, but Trevardo Williams has really struggled since training camp opened. He has been slowed by the Texas heat, NFL life and just out matched on the field. He is gifted athletically, but speed alone will not work against NFL offenses. He has five outside linebackers working in front of him and two of them are undrafted rookies, so the opportunities for Williams to show something on defense are closing fast. This is definitely a story to watch with the preseason hitting the halfway point.


The first thing to remember about Eddie Pleasant is that he in only entering his second season in the NFL so he is still learning the game. Pleasant has some tools and he is not afraid to be physical inside the box in the run game which he has shown in training camp. Pleasant has to work on the mental side of the game, like last week against the Minnesota Vikings when he ran into the punt returner for a 15-yard penalty. He had an interception that was thrown right at him, but then he missed a tackle on the long reception. He has to get consistent, but with Ed Reed’s status in the air he might be brought onto the 53 as insurance until the veteran returns.



I actually talked to former Texans’ linebacker Jay Foreman about this subject at training camp (Foreman played for Phillips in Buffalo). There is a consensus that Phillips likes athletic nose tackles that can move and penetrate in the middle of the defense. If it is a 325+ nose tackle that is athletic then yes, but if they are space eaters that can’t move well and just take up “space” then there is a good chance you won’t see that guy in Houston. It is all about getting players that can move and create. That is why you have seen the 300 pound version since Phillips has come to Houston.



There is a good chance that “if” that did happen, T.J. Yates would still be on the team at the #3 quarterback. Even still, I think those two positions would be interchangeable if they needed to be used in a game. It is really hard to tell if there is true competition for the backup spot, but Yates will be on the 53 barring injury if it is the backup or #3 quarterback.



Probably not. Coach Gary Kubiak doesn’t operate like that, especially with his quarterbacks. Now, if they had a running quarterback that can move the pile, then maybe. Keenum in that capacity is probably not going to happen, especially in the regular season.


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