March 19, 2018

Antonio Smith To Be Suspended?

Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith could be suspended for an on field incident against the Miami Dolphins this past Saturday. Smith got tangled up with his old friend Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito, but this time Smith took matters into his own hands.

On a pass rush Incognito met Smith with two quick punches under Smith face mask and was quickly responded with this.



According to Fox Sports Jay Glazer, the NFL is looking into suspending Smith for the remainder of the preseason.

Thoughts on the incident? 


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2 Responses to “Antonio Smith To Be Suspended?”
  1. Jay Dale says:

    You can clearly see in the video Incognito grabs and holds Smith by the facemask (a penalty) and then pushes or punches Smith with his right hand, then Smith grabs his facemask and pulls the helmet off. To me if the NFL office sees this, I don’t think the suspension will be as severe.

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