March 21, 2018

Texans 53 Man Roster: Version 4.0

The Houston Texans are heading into the most important part of the preseason and their third game against the New Orleans Saints will help answer some questions with the rosters. The Texans will try to treat the upcoming game as close as they do to a regular season game situation.

As the team does, we have adjusted our 53 man roster prediction from the latest game.


You can see the “Early Bird” version here .

The second one after OTAs here. 

Version 3 is here.


Texans 53 Man Roster 4.0

Green denotes Rookies

Offense (24)


Quarterback: Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, Case Keenum

The order does not matter at this point, but the amount of roster spots here is the concern. Three quarterbacks is a big number for the season and with question marks growing in the roster, spots are at a premium.


Runningback: Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Deji Karim

Deji Karim is the new addition and this comes down to what he does on special teams for the Texans. It will be one of the better stories of camp if he makes it, especially seeing Karim start at a camp tryout before OTAs. He has taken advantage of his opportunity and now it is time to see if he can hold on to it.


Fullback: Greg Jones

Nothing changes at this point.


Tight End: Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham, Ryan Griffin

Solid group and only getting better. The three tight end sets were good to see again against the Dolphins.


Wide Receiver: Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Keshawn Martin, Lestar Jean, Alan Bonner

The last two spots are still not decided and with the return of DeVier Posey this week, it will open the door for more questions. The final wide receiver spot will come down to Jean and Bonner, but the rookie (Bonner) is nursing a hamstring injury and has not appeared on the field yet for the Texans. If Posey can put together a solid two weeks, it could still mean a tough decision when the cuts come at the end.


Offensive Tackles: Duane Brown, Derek Newton, Brennan Williams, Ryan Harris

The offensive tackles are set. Williams is set to return to action after sitting out with a knee issue.


Offensive Guards: Wade Smith, Ben Jones, Brandon Brooks, David Quessenberry

The one to watch is Quessenberry and what he will bring to the table at left guard. He can start but Wade Smith is not scheduled to be out too long with his knee scope. Smith will be the starter when he gets back to 100%.


Center: Chris Myers



Defense (26)

Defensive End: J.J. Watt, Antonio Smith, Jared Crick, Tim Jamison, Chris Jones

A strong group. Rookie Chris Jones needs to get healthy and back on the field.


Nose Tackle: Earl Mitchell, Terrell McClain

The big story was Terrell McClain taking the backup nose tackle situation over this weekend. McClain played against lesser competition in the first preseason game, but he came out and flashed in a big way on Saturday. The position is for McClain to lose but he could be a good compliment to Earl Mitchell.


Outside Linebacker: Brooks Reed, Whitney Mercilus, Sam Montgomery, Willie Jefferson, Bryan Braman

Outside of Reed and Mercilus, the outside linebacker depth is nothing but questions. The Texans will have to find the best combination for the season. Montgomery has come back which is big for the defense and Jefferson’s pass rush ability is too good to pass up. Braman, who has showed some willingness to be a hustle player on defense, is too good to let go with his special teams capability.


Inside Linebacker: Brian Cushing, Darryl Sharpton, Tim Dobbins, Joe Mays

Getting them ready and healthy for week one is the most important thing for this group. The return of Cushing is a big lift for the group.


Cornerback: Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain, Brandon Harris, A.J. Bouye

Roc Carmichael’s spotty play has left the door open for Bouye to take a roster spot. One to watch is Brandon Harris and his ability to play safety now. There were rumors of this happening prior to the season and this was the first time in a game situation. His versatility could help the roster like Alan Ball did last season.


Safety: Ed Reed, Danieal Manning, D.J. Swearinger, Shiloh Keo, Eddie Pleasant

Eddie Pleasant is one to watch. He has had some spotty special teams play and now a knee injury sustained against the Dolphins will have him behind schedule this week. The Texans have to be careful not to get themselves too thin in that position for the opening of the season.


Specialty (3)

Kicker: Randy Bullock

Punter: Shane Lechler

Long Snapper: Jon Weeks


Practice Squad

(TE) Jake Bryne

(ILB) Cameron Collins

(OLB) Justin Tuggle

(WR) Alec Lemon

(RB) Cierre Wood

(WR) EZ Nwachukwu

(OL) Cody White

(OL) Nate Menkin

* Good chance Trevardo Williams will not make it past waivers.


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14 Responses to “Texans 53 Man Roster: Version 4.0”
  1. Texantakeover says:

    I think DeVier Posey will make the 53 man roster and Alan Bonner will go on the PUP list or IR.

    • PDS says:

      Posey will make the appearance next week. Not putting him on until he hits the field. Also, if Bonner comes back, Jean is the odd man out. Bonner becomes the player they want to develop, Jean is tapped out on what he can do.

  2. TexanTom says:

    Okay, I will play along with the speculation. I like what you have here although no one can really get in Kubiak or Smith’s head to know who the final 53 plus practice squad will be. What are your thoughts on keeping OLB Williams and cutting Pleasant (assuming Reed is back by, let’s say, week 3)? And, is Pleasant still practice squad eligible?

    I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Kubiak keeps Posey, Jean and Bonner. With Foster a no-show so far and the qb’s throwing it well, Kubiak may head fake everyone and decide to pass it more to his talented receivers. Nahhhhhh…who am I kidding.

    Also, since the defensive line is deep and talented, do you think a player like Hunter can make the practice squad? Is he even needed as a stash player? I thought Muir might slip in as an added veteran but that may be a stretch at this point.

    And, finally – if there are no QB’s on the practice squad, who will run the scout team? The 3rd string qb?

    Tough decisions for Kubiak, et al. But that’s a great thing.

    • PDS says:

      1.) Pleasant is psquad eligible, but Reed’s injury will dictate his spot on the team. Harris being able to play safety changes some things IMO.

      2.) Hunter should be on the list at some point. Always a changing situation. Muir has been playing DE, and that is not his position of strength.

      3.) Yes the third string QB runs scout team.

  3. TexanTackler says:

    What are your thoughts on Cameron Collins? I see practice squad has been the overall consensus, but I like him as a young, much-needed, inside backer. Showed well in little time on special teams last year during playoffs, and despite an injury seems to have performed well all off-season/preseason?

    • PDS says:

      I think Collins is very athletic. His hamstring early put him behind and Mohamed has taken advantage of his snaps on the field.

      Collins was one of my big risers coming out of the first two weeks of camp. He is one to watch. I agree with everything you are saying about Collins. His hamstring issues came at a bad time.

  4. Jay Dale says:

    I’ve been impressed with Mike Mohamed. How would he fit in to all of this?

    • PDS says:

      Mohamed has a nose for the football, him and Collins are in the battle for that roster spot. Both are eligible for the practice squad.

  5. Snop1009 says:

    Its easy to clean up the QB position, which one do you want to cut Shaub oir Gates.

  6. adam says:

    Unfortunately I don’t see Cierre Wood clearing waivers. I really would like to stash him as I think he has RB2 appeal in a post-Tate world. I would expect them to try and PS Johnson if they can’t get Wood to see if they can develop the talent he flashed early.

    I’m a bit surprised about Jefferson. I think he’s much more of a project right now as he’s a complete run game liability. Great athleticism as a pass rusher though. I would be surprised if they didn’t keep Williams on the 53, they know he has potential given time to develop, similar to the Posey situation last year.

    I’d definitely be ok with sacrificing Pleasant for Tuggle/Jefferson/Williams as long as they’re comfortable with Harris playing safety. Also wish we were only going to keep 2 qbs…

    I guess this is what happens when you have a good team, cuts hurt more and more as you know you’re letting go good players.

  7. Christian Ornelas says:

    How the hell do you leave Tre Williams off????????????

    • PDS says:

      Because he has done very little to warrant a roster spot at this time. Seen him since the beginning of camp, he is struggling.

  8. Rj Metzger says:

    I would like to think they wouldn’t kill off a 4th round pick regardless of struggles. I think mystery IR or just hope he becomes the teams machine that Braman has been and get rid of Bryan. If I were a coach and knowing Braman is on the bubble, there isn’t anything invested in him and he doesn’t add much to the D much like an invested Trevardo. Also, knowing the pride of coaches, they probably won’t publicly say that they drafted that poorly by telling the world with a cut, “Ya, we messed up.”

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