March 22, 2018

Digging Deep: Miami Edition

The Houston Texans have hit the halfway point of the preseason after an eventful game with the Miami Dolphins, which had plenty of underlying stories. The Texans had an aerial assault on the Dolphins’ secondary and put together a solid defensive performance too.

We looked at the numbers of the game deeper and came up with these.



Digging Deep



Passing first downs by the Texans. The Dolphins had a total of 15 for the entire game.



Yards per play for the Texans offensively.



100% completion rate for T.J. Yates in three attempts when he was blitzed (3 of 3 for 35 yards).



50 % completion rate for Matt Schaub in six attempts when blitzed (3 of 6 for 38 yards).



33.3% completion rate when Case Keenum was blitzed by the Dolphins (1 of 3 for 5 yards).



The Texans running game averaged 8 yards a carry outside the tackles on 7 carries.



The quarterback rating against Johnathan Joseph (4 targets with 4 completions and 65 yards through the air).



Average yards Mike Wallace had per catch against Joseph on Saturday.



Combined number of quarterback hurries and a sack by rookie outside linebacker Willie Jefferson. He led the team in 3 hurries for the game.



The number of fumbles rookie Dennis Johnson had on Saturday night.



Pass deflections by D.J. Swearinger which led the team for the game.



Total defensive plays Swearinger has played in two preseason games. Leads the defense in this category.



Total offensive plays David Quessenberry has played in two preseason games. Leads the offense in this category.



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