March 24, 2018

Know Your Opponent with @IntenseGB

saints huddleWeek three of the PRESEASON for the Houston Texans, y’all! The second game at home. Last week at Reliant was so electric one would never have thought it was preseason. Until the half when the lames started filing out. But it gave the hardcores with crappy seats the chance to move down and see work being done by the young guys. And as you are well aware – some sights were seen. This week, we prepare for a dress rehearsal against our nearest rival not located in the Lone State State, the Houston Texans took a cue from our website and dubbed the game “The State of Football,” which I don’t get, but that’s ok.

After literal years of tumult and turmoil, the New Orleans Saints appear to be reunited and reformed. With the return of Head Coach Sean Payton, the addition of Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan and some an always stout offense led by one Drew Brees, the Saints are not to be taken lightly, in the preseason or at anytime. So we bring in Saints aficionado Greg Barber of Intense Football and who throws some light on what we can expect from every aspect of what New Orleans will be bringing down I-10 to visit us this Sunday.

Oh – and PS. We’re bringing back the reader question contributions. So keep your questions regarding our weekly opponent at the ready and we will pose the best questions to the best writers for our competitor each and every week. Tag your question #KnowYourOpponent or #KYO and tweet em out!


Has the New Orleans defensive personnel seemed to be a good match so for Rob Ryan’s style of defense? (@chiefbaird)

Yes the personnel is definitely a better fit in Rob Ryan’s defense than they were in former Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnolo’s. The players were used to a more aggressive style and not many people realize that under former DC Gregg Williams the Saints played a 3-4 defense from time to time.


WR Kenny Stills seems like a steal at this point.  How’s he looking? (@therealallenou)

Kenny Stills has been pretty impressive the coaches has him slated to be the number three receiver. It is very rare that a rookie receiver gets the chance at a prominent role in the Saints offense so soon. But the injury to Joe Morgan kind of push the coaches to change their process.



What does the return of HC Sean Peyton seem to mean so far in 2013?

So far it’s been huge for the team but what’s been even better is this is the first normal training camp the Saints have had since 2009. In 2010 after winning the Superbowl they had all the celebrations and even went to the White House late into Training Camp. 2011 was the lockout by the owners which threw off everyone. 2012 was the Bounty Scandal and Drew Brees’s contract issue.


What are the most intriguing position battles heading into the regular season?

There are quite a few positional battles for the team but probably the most intriguing battle will be a linebacker; there are about 12 linebackers fighting for a spot on the roster.


grahamWho are the biggest playmakers we need to look for on both offense and defense?

On offense, since WR Marques Colston will be sitting out in this game  the Texans will probably see a lot of Kenny Stills and WR Nick Toon and I am high on both. Another player I like which you may not see until later in the game is Khiry Robinson, a running back. I am rooting for him to make the team. Of course you’ll see some of the usuals like TE Jimmy Graham, RB Pierre Thomas, RB Darren Sproles and WR Lance Moore to name a few. On defense  DE Akiem Hicks, DE Cam Jordan, CB Keenan Lewis and rookie safety Kenny Vaccaro. Of course, DC Rob Ryan will sprinkle in a few surprises for Houston QB Matt Schaub on the ground.



Sounds like there are some important battles being fought by UDFAs. Which have the best potential of making the team?

There are a few UDFA’s  that really have a shot to make the team, LB Eric Martin, DB Rod Sweeting, LBGlenn Foster, Khiry Robinson, and ILB Kevin Reddick are the ones I would not be surprised if they make it.


Thank you so very much to Greg Barber for his expertise regarding his New Orleans Saints. For timely Saints and NFL news, please give Greg a follow on twitter at @IntenseGB and on Facebook at Intense Football.  Looking forward to a smash mouth match up this weekend and we’re all excited to see how these two quiet yet fierce rivals attack each other.

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