March 22, 2018

The POGs: New Orleans Edition

We take a look at the Houston Texans’ best players from each phase of the game against the New Orleans Saints.


Houston Texans Offensive POG: Ben Tate

Ben Tate came out and showed us that he is still the running back that nearly had one thousand yards behind Arian Foster two years ago. Of course, Tate’s production is beneficial from good offensive line play but he showed great vision, burst and the bulldozing ability that we saw two seasons ago. Barring injury, this could be the best 1-2 punch in the NFL once more.
Houston Texans Defensive POG: Jared Crick
Last season, Jared Crick played well as a back up defensive end in the absence of back up defensive end Tim Jamison. Now that both are healthy, the defensive line is easily the deepest position on the team. Jared Crick played well against the starting line up of the New Orleans Saints and recorded 4 tackles, 1 assisted tackle and a breakthrough sack on quarterback Drew Brees. While starting defensive end Antonio Smith faces his one game suspension, we should have no problem starting and rotating Crick and Jamison.
Houston Texans Special Teams POG: Shane Lechler 
Basically the best punter in the history of punters, Shane Lechler proved to us why General Manager Rick Smith made such a huge push for him over the years. On the first punt of the game for the Texans, Lechler pinned the ball on the two yard line. The punt was incredible. Because of where my seats are in the stadium, the punt was right at me. In the air, the ball turned sideways and looked like it was on a back spin as if Lechler was using a pitching wedge and trying to land the ball next to the pin. The Texans’ defense shut out the New Orleans’ offense on the pursuing drive. We look forward to incredible kicks from our specialists all season.

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