March 18, 2018

Texans Start Cuts to Get to the Final 53

Here is a running list of the Houston Texans cuts to get to the league mandated 53 man roster by Saturday.


Cuts for the 53

Parentheses is source for news


Dennis Johnson,  Runningback (Ian Rappoport-NFL Network)

Chris Jones,  Defensive Tackle (Tania Ganguli- ESPN)

Jawanza Starling, Safety (Yahoo! Shutdown Corner)

Deji Karim, Runningback (Bob Allen, KHOU)

Tyler Horn, Center *

Nate Menkin, Offensive Lineman*

Keith Browner, Defensive End*

Delano Johnson, Defensive End*

Jake Byrne, Tight End*

Tyler Clutts, Fullback*

Alex Kupper, Offensive Lineman*

Ez Nwachukwu, Wide Receiver*

Mike Mohamed, Linebacker*

Cameron Collins, Linebacker*

Orhian Johnson, Safety*

Andy Cruse, Wide Receiver*

Roc Carmichael, Cornerback* (Dave Zangaro- CSN Houston)

Elbert Mack, Cornerback*

Daniel Muir, Defensive Tackle (Waived Injured, Injury Settlement Reached)*


Placed on Injured Reserve

Alan Bonner, Wide Receiver (James Palmer- CSN Houston)

Brennan Williams, Offensive Tackle*

Trevardo Williams, Outside Linebacker*


Cuts to get to 75

Elliot Coffey, ILB

Zach Boren, FB

Bryan Collins, OG

Nick Mondek, OT

Ray Graham, RB

Earl Okine, DE

Travis Howard, CB

Andre Shapiro, P

Ja’Gared Davis, ILB

Adam Schiltz, TE

Stephen McGee, QB


Waived Injured

Mike Smith, Wide Receiver (Injury Settlement Reached, Free Agent)

David Hunter, Defensive Tackle (Injury Settlement Reached, Free Agent)


Place on Inured Reserve

Alec Lemon, Wide Receiver


*According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle

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  1. Qtab says:

    Hey Pat – it’s a little thing but I appreciate the way you document your sources here. Keep up the good work.

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