March 19, 2018

Meet the Texans Practice Squad

The Houston Texans practice squad has been set and will be the group until injuries hit or another player they want becomes available. For the time being, the Texans elected to keep their practice squad with players who went the entire training camp with the team.

We take a look at the eight players who made the practice squad for the Texans.



Meet and Greet


EZ Nwachukwu, Wide Receiver

The wide receiver from Texas A&M has the one thing that no other wide receiver currently has on the roster, speed. Nwachukwu is a vertical threat that has some impressive tools but he needs to work on his consistency. His route running has improved and he has shown the ability to run by defensive backs. He has made steady progressions during training camp and took advantage of his time on the field to impress enough for a spot on the team.


Zach Boren

Zach Boren

Zach Boren, Fullback

The battering ram at fullback was a bright spot in the first two preseason games. He is what you want in a football player and he is always looking for contact. He also showed he can catch the ball out of the backfield, which is a necessity from fullbacks in the offense. Boren has been linked to the practice squad since he was let go in the first cuts to get to 75.


Roc Carmichael, Defensive Back

The biggest name on the practice squad the Texans’ fans notice, Carmichael was passed up by rookie A.J. Bouye during the preseason. Carmichael has all the tools to be a decent cornerback in the NFL but an injury his rookie year and little playing time last season has stunted his growth. After being waived, Carmichael was in talks to join the Philadelphia Eagles but elected to sign on the Texans’ practice squad.


Alex Kupper, Offensive Lineman

The rookie from Louisville came on strong late in the preseason and played well at center. Kupper can also fill in at guard when needed, but being an offensive lineman that can stay in the Texans’ organization is a good thing for the long run. He will be another in the long line of what the Texans like in their offensive linemen, smart and a technician.


Keith Browner

Keith Browner

Keith Browner, Defensive End

The second season that Browner has made the practice squad and he is what the Texans like in their defensive ends. At 6-4 and 288 lbs., Browner fits the mold of a tall player that can hold up at the point of attack. He can also run some to track down runners and being able to stay on the practice squad is a testament to what the Texans like in Browner.


Ray Graham, Running Back

Still recovering from a knee issue suffered in college, Graham never looked comfortable early in training camp. He got healthier as the preseason went on but became the victim of the numbers game in the first round of cuts. Where Graham ends up in the long-term for the Texans is the question, but the Texans did not want to close the door on him completely. He knows the system and with the little work that he got during the preseason, he ran the ball well.


Andy Cruse, Wide Receiver

Another wide receiver that ended up in Houston, Cruse is a big target in the passing game. Despite his big frame, he can run when he gets in the open field. His catch radius is impressive and he has been as consistent of a worker as anyone during training camp. He is an interesting prospect, especially with how big he is. He could add more weight to play inside as a tight end or continue to develop as a wide receiver.


Mike Mohamed

Mike Mohamed

Mike Mohamed, Inside Linebacker

If there is any player that deserved a spot on this team, look no further than Mohamed. He took the majority of the reps at the beginning of camp when Brian Cushing and Darryl Sharpton were out, he changed numbers when Elliot Coffey was signed as a free agent, and he was put on the back burner when Joe Mays and Cameron Collins came into the picture at inside linebacker. Mohamed kept doing his things, produced when he was in the game and tackled anything that moved. He was rewarded for being what teams want, a football player that overcomes adversity.


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