March 19, 2018

13 Reasons to Get Excited for the Texans 2013 Season

It’s getting close and the Houston Texans are closing in on the start of the 2013 campaign. We outline our 13 reasons to get excited for the upcoming season, and there are plenty of reasons, in our opinion.  It could be a certain player, or a position group, but the Texans are going to be an exciting team.

Take a look at our reasons for optimism for the 2013 season:



13 Reasons for the Season


Shane Lechler and Randy Bullock

Shane Lechler and Randy Bullock

13. Texans Kicking Game

We know what you are thinking, but the Texans have the best duo, in terms of skills, to take the field. Randy Bullock was the only kicker in Texans camp and that was by no mistake. Bullock has a strong leg and will help the special teams coverage because he can consistently put it out of the end zone for touch backs.  As for Shane Lechler, it took him some time to get on the field but he showed why he was brought in with his pinpoint accuracy punts. He dropped two punts inside the 10 and has a strong leg to flip field position with ease.


12. Schedule Loaded with Big Boys

The Texans face the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. If the Texans want to take the next step as a team, they have to show they can handle the big games on their schedule.


11. Is This the Year to Win in Indianapolis

0-11 all time record in Indianapolis. This could be the season to rid that demon that hangs over the Texans. It has to be this year, doesn’t it?


Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

10. Texans Tight Ends

This group could be one of the silent positives of this team with Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham and Ryan Griffin. They all have pass catching ability and can cause match up issues for defenses. With all the weapons the Texans have, the tight ends could be fun to watch when they come out with three of them in a formation.


9. Joe Mays

Paired with Brian Cushing, they could possibly rival the duo when Cushing was with DeMeco Ryans. Joe Mays gives the Texans what they need, a striker or an enforcer in the middle to compliment Cushing. Both bring that linebacker mentality to the team and it is needed when they need a big play.


8. Reloaded Running Game

The offensive line is back and in place for the second consecutive season and throw in new full back Greg Jones, things are looking up. Arian Foster and Ben Tate in his final year of his contract are more than capable to power the running game for the Texans. If the Texans can find their running game from previous years, it will only make the offense that much better.


Ed Reed and Danieal Manning

Ed Reed and Danieal Manning

7. Ed Reed

It is hard not to get excited when one of the best players of all time joins the hometown team. If it is week one or week six, he will have an impact on this secondary. Reed was brought in to put quarterbacks on notice when he steps on the field, and his presence alone will be in the back of offensive coordinators’ minds, and quarterbacks’ too. Add him to a talented secondary, he can upgrade the defense in a big way.


6. DeAndre Hopkins

Texans fans have only been waiting for this moment for how long now? Since 2007, the Texans have had Kevin Walter at the #2 wide receiver. Now they have drafted Hopkins to help the offense out. Seeing him on the field makes this offense look different and, more importantly, dangerous.


D.J. Swearinger

D.J. Swearinger

5. New Identity

There has always been the idea that the Texans never think to step out of the box, but the Texans have added players who bring that different look which fans are not used to: the Swagg of D.J. Swearinger, the Southside Fade of Willie Jefferson, the physical presence of Greg Jones and Joe Mays, the Hall of Fame presence of Ed Reed and Shane Lechler. Add all of that new life to the confidence of J.J. Watt, the on field presence of Brian Cushing, the Ninja Assassin persona of Antonio Smith, the Namaste of Arian Foster and business like attitudes of Andre Johnson and Duane Brown,  a new identity has forged for the 2013 season.


4. Youth

The Texans have infused this roster with youth as there are nine rookies on the active roster. Throw in three on the injured reserve and five on the practice squad, the Texans are pushing for a youth movement to match with their veteran group. Rick Smith is building his roster smart and the more youth that he can get through the doors, it could help with cap issues down the road.


3. Return of Brian Cushing

Is there one player the Texans could not have afforded to lose on defense last season? It came at a bad time during the season and the defense was not the same with him gone. Add him back to the 2013 team with a new contract extension, Cushing is back at home in the middle for the Texans. His leadership will be evident when the season kicks off and he will add another play maker to a talented defense.

Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

2. Andre Johnson

He is convinced that he can be better than his 2012 campaign, and he has help this season. The original face of the franchise is the epitome of what team is about, and he was also a big reason for bringing in Ed Reed. Him staying with the team since 2003 says something about the franchise and now it is time for the franchise to repay the best player to put on a uniform for the Texans.


1. J.J. Watt

Serious, he could be the biggest thing to come through Houston in a long time. Entering his third season, he has become the face of the franchise and the most recognizable face in the NFL. He has kept it all in perspective and made the Texans and playing football his number one priority. Duplicating his 2012 season will be tough, but it will be fun watching him try.

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt

 What are your reasons to get excited for the 2013 season?


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