March 22, 2018

Texans To Watch: San Diego Edition

The Houston Texans will be traveling to San Diego to get ready for their opening game of the 2013 season. There are plenty of players to look at but we tried to pair down on who we will be looking at against the Chargers.




Texans to Watch


Derek Newton

This season is going to be as good as it’s weakest link, and right now that is Newton on the offense. One thing to watch is how much he has improved in the run game blocking department, while pass protection is still a work in progress. He has become stronger and showed during preseason that he can move defensive linemen with ease. He will still have his growing pains but watching how he starts the season will be important for the offensive success.


Brandon Brooks

Brandon Brooks

Brandon Brooks

Another piece of the offense that will help define the 2013 season and plays next to Newton. This could be an interesting season for the two. Talent is not the question, especially with his sheer strength and size, but experience for Brooks will create a learning curve for the second year player. When he is technically sound, he is as good as it gets for an NFL guard. Brooks will be fun to watch, especially after a revolving door at right guard during the 2012 season.


Tim Jamison

The absence of Antonio Smith put Jamison into the spotlight for Monday night. The Texans look like they will be using three defensive ends for the game and the rotation will be a thing to watch. Jamison provides good pass rush from the interior but does have some issues holding up against the run. Coming off an achilles injury, he will be ready to get back on the field and make an impact. Having Jamison back for the season is a big lift for a defense that lacked pass rush.


Jared Crick

Jared Crick

Jared Crick

Crick will also have to play a big part in the absence of Antonio Smith and he will more than likely start on Monday. He holds up better against the run than Jamison and it is up to Crick to provide the majority of the work on gameday. He put together a good preseason and came on strong late for the Texans. Entering his second season with the team, it looks like the offseason did him some good to get his body ready for the NFL. Now it is time for him to become more than just a spot player on the defense.


DeAndre Hopkins

Let’s not try and fool anyone here, but is there a player that Texans want to see more than Hopkins? Out for the last two preseason games with a concussion, Hopkins was cleared for the game. He will make this offense better with his presence and it will be exciting to see him get the football thrown his way. He will have his ups and downs as the wide receiver position is a tough transition for rookies. Hopefully, he can withstand the tough stretches of the position and be an integral part of the offense and go to target for Matt Schaub. 


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