March 22, 2018

Know Your Opponent: Chargers Edition

Heading off to the West Coast for a late Monday Night Football matchup, the Houston Texans are preparing to face the shifty San Diego Chargers. Shifty? Because while victory seems imminent for the Texans, there are some intangibles that could throw things off track. So as the Texans prepare to face the Chargers, so should the people who love the Texans. With an aim to accomplish this, we bring in San Diego Charger blogger phenom Janet Ibarra of Janet has a wealth of Chargers knowledge to share and an enlightening way of doing so – enjoy her take:


Rivers and cush1. What new faces for the Chargers will impress the Texans on both sides of the ball?

Offensively the Texans will have to be ready for: King Dunlap, left tackle who we recently acquired from the Eagles who is sure to make a good impression. He was with the Eagles from 2008-2012 and is 6″9 330lbs so  offensively he is one of the guys to look out for. Then we have our rookie D.J. Fluker, the Chargers #1 draft pick who is already our starter at right tackle and has already shown to be a great asset to this offense. We also acquired Chad Rinehart a veteran guard, who with his experience, is sure to make a difference as well, along with resigning WR Seyi Ajirotutu who is familiar with Rivers so the Texans better make sure to be ready for my boy TuTu! Along those lines, the Chargers also picked up Keenan Allen in the 3rd Round, a former California Golden Bear wide receiver who has also shown to have great potential and Fozzy Whittaker who was with the Cardinals is a great running back who has also made quite the impression.

Defensively The Texans will have to look out for Dwight Freeney, legendary outside linebacker who spent 11 Season with The Colts and is sure to make a statement to show that he still has some gas left in his tank.


2. Which matchups on both offense and defense that Texans fans need to be ready for?rushing SD

Phillip Rivers versus Shiloh Keo, one of the Texans’ safeties. We know Rivers will be throwing his way because we all know Rivers and his style. Also keep an eye out for RT Duane Brown on the Texans versus OLB Dwight Freeney. (They’ve met before and sparks have flown.)

Defensively you have to look out for DE Corey Liuget vs. Ben Jones/Cody White plus Andre Johnson vs. Derek Cox and Shareece Wright. Cox is familiar with playing against Johnson as he was a Jaguar and has faced him before.  You also have J.J. Watt vs. King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart. We all know what a beast of a man King Dunlap is and Chad Rinehart so good luck J.J.; this is going to be a great match.


3. What are Chargers fans optimistic about going into the 2013 season and the future of the franchise?

I think we all have high hopes with Mike McCoy as the new head coach and Tom Tedesco as the new GM. There were good picks made in the draft which show to be promising in helping our team get to where they need to go and we are moving in the right direction. We have one hope and that is to make it to the Super Bowl and believe we can make it happen, and with the help of the new offensive coordinator, D’Alessandris, our offense has shown some great improvement. I’m excited and believe we are going to surprise everybody.


4. Does RB Ryan Mathews have the trust of Mike McCoy yet or will he be splitting time to reduce fumbling chances? @ChiefBaird

Coach McCoy believes Mathews is the guy for the Chargers. I’m sure Woodhead will be thrown in their to help him out and Brown as well, but I’m sure it’s not because the trust is not there.


5. Has the offensive line looked to be improved and are there any depth concerns there? @ChiefBaird

With the new offensive coordinator we have already seen some major improvement and if it can hold up I believe we will be just fine. There are there depth concerns though. We also lost some good defensive players but hopefully with the new players we acquired they will help fill in those voids.


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6. Is the Chargers d from 2012 at all misleading in your eyes since with the victories over Kansas City and Oakland twice, along with a win over the Jets? @Mannifresh25

I don’t think at this point its misleading. Going into the 2013 season we have made the changes necessary to get us going in the right direction. We hired some great coaches and our New GM Tedesco has shown he was the right man to get us to where we need to go.

7. What do you think happened with WR Robert Meachem’s signing in 2012 and 2013 release?

I think Meachem is a great wide receiver he just wasn’t the right fit for San Diego. He didn’t have the chemistry with Rivers as he does with Brees so I wish him well with the Saints.


8. With seven defensive starters gone from 2012, what will 2nd year defensive coordinator John Pagano do to fill in the holes?

We have got some good players to fit in the voids that were left by (OLB Shaun) Phillips and (CB Quentin) Jammer. Among a few we just acquired, lineman Drake Nevis, linebacker Terrell Manning and defensive tackle Sean Lissemore. And of course we picked up Dwight Freeney to name a few so I think with these guys he has done a good job at filling in those holes.


schaub and marmalard

Big thanks to Janet Ibarra of for her insight into the team facing the Texans this week. You can follow Janet on twitter at @OCCharger_Girl and on the NFL Female website.

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