March 24, 2018

Jay’s Take: Texans Down the Chargers

Wow, what a tale of two halves and two teams. The Texans started the first half like they ended last season on defense. In the first half, they looked sluggish and on their heals. The first game of the season is always the hardest because with high hopes comes some doubt. The preseason, especially now with the new NFL rules, doesn’t give the player a lot of “real” reps in camp. This can be great for their bodies long term but short term can lead to starts like Monday night.

On the first three Rivers’ touchdown passes, they either caught the Texans in the perfect call (wheel route on Reed) or they just made a great play. The thing us fans should realize is that, regardless of a new regime, they have players that can play as well. I think after half-time, the defense woke up and held the Chargers in check the second half. I think the Cushing effect is real and will become a bigger part for the weeks to come. It was good to see Jared Crick hold his own as a starter as well.

Overall, I think this game will be a wake up call and a confidence boost for players, individually and collectively as a team.


Player trending upward-  Brian Cushing

Look for game by game improvement from Cushing as he gets back into the swing of things. The great play is only a glimpse of what he will do for the rest of the year.


Negative- D Line rush/Coverage

I think in the first half, San Diego kept our Line in check in passing situations and that led to easy pass completions. Throughout the game, the Chargers were 7-14 on third downs. That is too high for this caliber of defense.


X-Factor- Antonio Smith

You can call him “Ninja” or Antonio Smith but he was missed last night and his return will provide that edge and boost. I look for Smith and Watt to have huge games this week.


You can follow Jay Foreman on Twitter.  He is an 8 year NFL veteran and original Houston Texan.


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