March 22, 2018

Player Spotlight: Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub

This week’s player spotlight targets a very important part of the offense. The player we are putting at the forefront is a player that has to play at a high level game in and game out. Without this player, this machine doesn’t reach it’s optimum level. The player in the spotlight today is the Texans signal caller, Matt Schaub.



What an adrenaline rush. After watching the introduction of the 2013 Houston Texans open with a bizarre start, the Texans found themselves out of rhythm, unfocused and staggering heavily. The San Diego Chargers came out firing with two blows to the body and a right cross. The blows the Texans took in the opening of the game would have made most teams collapse and the referee start the countdown. Fortunately, the Texans have been battle tested and showed their mettle once again. Schaub showed what so many people have been skeptical of for the last few years. Can Schaub win under the big lights? Can he perform when the game is on the line? Well, at this point, I say the jury is still in but with a performance like this one against San Diego, it’s a step in the right direction.

Matt Schaub went into the game looking to get a win on a Monday Night with a few odds stacked against him. He was playing several hours past their normal routine by playing on the west coast. Next, he was playing on the road against a team he’d never defeated, and did I mention that it was under the same “big lights” that has plagued him throughout his career? After stumbling out of the starting blocks with the interception and the sluggish start, the Texans found their grove and marched down the field easily for the touchdown. Then, with a few bad series by the offense and the defense, the dreadful half came to an end.



The Texans regrouped and came back out to start the second half. They traded series with the Chargers only to fall behind even more with another Chargers’ touchdown pass. All props go to Schaub for maintaining his composure, turning the ship around and putting it back on course. Schaub navigated the Texans’ offense to a quick score with their “muddle huddle” or “sugar huddle.” The defense got the ball back and in the fourth quarter Schaub went to work. Leaning on his number one target in Andre Johnson, Schaub carved up the Chargers secondary like deli meat. The Chargers in the fourth gave up 17 points to the Texans and Schaub worked the seams with Johnson, the in/out routes with Hopkins and the flats with Graham and Daniels.

It was an awesome comeback that was a pure rush of adrenaline as we Texans fans were hoping to see Schaub close out a game. We Texans fans have seen far too many games were Schaub mounts this herculean effort only to see it dashed by a bad throw leading to an interception. It was great to see him use all of his receiving options (Hopkins included) to construct a well executed game plan late and shut the door on the Chargers in primetime.

The season is just getting under way and there is some tinkering that needs to be done on both sides of the ball, but it’s difficult to complain with a road win on Monday Night Football.


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