March 22, 2018

POGs: San Diego Edition

Welcome to the 2013-2014 NFL season! In this week’s Players Of the Game, we’re taking a look at two of the biggest players on the team and a player that will help our team tremendously in a couple of areas that the team lacked in seasons past. Let’s go with your Week 1 Players Of the Game!

Houston Texans Offensive POG: Matt Schaub 
With what seems like the entire Texans “fan base” against him, Matt Schaub came out and showed us what a fully healthy pro bowl quarterback looks like. With the team down 21 points, Schaub answered the call with three touchdowns. Throughout the night, Schaub was holding the ball that extra second to let his receivers get open and threw the ball where only his receivers had the opportunity to catch it. Bottom line, from what we saw from the first game of the season, Schaub is back to 100% and is primed for a pro bowl (I’d prefer Super Bowl) year. 
Houston Texans Defensive POG: Brian Cushing 
Cushing is getting my nod mainly because he is back and fully healthy. Aside from making a diving interception and taking it to the house, he directed a defense who held the Chargers to only 10 yards after their last touchdown. Much like Schaub, it looks like Cush is ready for a big year.
Houston Texans Special Teams POG: Keshawn Martin 

On Monday night, Martin showed us why he deserves to be the designated kick and punt returner for the season. On multiple occasions, Martin was a shoe string tackle or extra block away from taking it to the house. Expect to see some returns for touchdowns this season from the second year receiver.

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