March 21, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: San Diego Edition

In a very eventful first game of the season, the Texans beat the San Diego Chargers 31-28 on a Randy Bullock game winning field goal. In the game, the first half was mostly bad and ugly, while the second half had a lot of good moments.


The Good

Despite throwing an interception on his first play of the season, Matt Schaub looked good. He made some good throws on the run, as well as stepping up in clutch situations. Overall, it looked like the offense was more wide open than last season. The Texans have more weapons than they have ever had and it looks like they plan to take advantage of that. Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels both looked very good. The defense also came to play when they needed to, allowing zero points in the fourth quarter and scoring seven of their own. A lot of credit should go to Gary Kubiak for getting the Texans refocused at halftime and lighting a fire under them. He also took some risks, like the fake punt and throwing the ball at the end of the game to get a first down and a shorter field goal. These moves show how much confidence he has in his players.


The Bad

The pass defense was not very good until the end of the third quarter. Numerous Texans got beat in man coverage, leading to 4 touchdowns and some more long third down conversions. The Texans did not have anyone stand out in pass coverage throughout the game. In the first half, it looked like they were each taking turns getting beat.

Also, the play of Duane Brown was a slight concern on Monday night with Dwight Freeney doing what he wanted in his pass rush. Brown couldn’t stop spin moves and ended up giving up two sacks. This is not the Brown we know. Maybe the weight loss could be an issue but it will be something to watch as the season goes on.


The Ugly

The whole first half of the game was ugly, but the first 15 seconds took the cake. On the Texans’ first offensive play of the game, Matt Schaub threw an interception on a tipped ball. On the Texans’ first defensive play of the game, they allowed a 14-yard touchdown pass. It really cannot get worse than that.

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