March 20, 2018

Know Your Opponent with Jimmy Morris of

AFC South rivals coming off of week 1 victories with a tangled history that continues to the present. That is what this week 2 matchup of the Houston Texans versus the Tennessee Titans is all about. We are the Hatfields and McCoys of the NFL. From a relocation of a team, to a Super Bowl appearance the following year, from onfield skirmishes and coaching mindgames, this should be a more contentious conflict in the eyes of the nation beyond the AFC South. But the teams have never both experienced success during the same time frames. Could those times be changing? Will the Texans continue their recent success beginning this Sunday at Reliant against the Titans? Or will the Titans be able to exploit their matchups and come away with a victory to begin 2013 2-0?

In an attempt to predict the outcome, we bring in the ever-objective mind of Jimmy Morris of Jimmy provides much needed perspective after a surprising Titans victory last week as they come into our house proud and confident this Sunday.


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How do players and fans feel about have Gregg Williams returning to the Titans and how have things been developing on the defensive side of the ball with Williams’ involvement? (@JEPruitt)


Everybody is fired up about Gregg Williams being here.  The players love him, and you can see his fingerprints all over this defense.  Last year’s defense was the worst in franchise history, so anything was going to be an upgrade, but it sure looks like Williams has been able to identify what players do well and put them in those situations. I am excited to see how they measure up against the Texans’ offense.


The Titans victory over the Steelers last Sunday surprised many. What were the keys to coming away victorious? (@PinkValkyrie)


The defense didn’t let the Steelers get anything going.  The offense took care of the ball.  This team would love to run the ball 35+ times per game.  They cannot do that if they don’t get a lead.  They got a lead on Sunday and were able to play the type of game they want to play.



Has QB Jake Locker looked appreciably better and in what areas has he shown the most improvement? (@ChiefBaird)


Locker still shows some inconsistency, but he has been much better overall.  He made some huge throws on third down in the Steelers game.  In the preseason he looked to have a much better command of the offense than he did a year ago.  They are going to need him to play well to have a chance on Sunday.  I think he is up to the challenge.


Kenny Britt

Do you see Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt more involved this season? (@Rottweiler2000)


Kenny Britt is a mismatch for just about any corner in the NFL when he wants to be.  They will need to get him involved early in this one to get the most out of him.  My guess is that he will get some opportunities in one-on-one coverage.  The Titans will need him to win those to have a chance.  The same can be said for Kendall Wright. 

They will get more involved as the season goes along.  The low numbers on Sunday were just a product of not needing to throw the ball very much.



There are indications the Titans are trying to develop and offense similar to Houston’s with more bootlegs, play actions and rollouts. How do you foresee the Titans personnel playing in this style and how do you see the Texans defense matching up?


The Titans personnel sets up perfectly to play that style.  Locker is so much better on the run than in the pocket, and they have the playmakers on the outside to be explosive.  They will try to take some shots down the field early to loosen up that Texans defense so they can settle in and run the football.


titans schaub sackTalk to us about unexpected performances by a dominant Titans defense last week. It looked simply stellar. Explain what the Texans will be facing, please.


The defensive performance came down to the front 4 getting pressure all day long and a good effort by the corners.  We also saw LB Zach Brown have a huge day.  He is a linebacker than can flat out fly and gives the Titans a lot of options.


Which Titans players will surprise on both offense and defense this Sunday that Texans fans will not expect?


Jackie Battle is an offensive player that could surprise.  He will get some carries if Shonn Greene cannot go.  Battle runs with authority and excels in those short yardage situations where CJ really struggles.

Look for Derrick Morgan to have a big day on defense.  The former first round pick hasn’t necessarily lived up to his draft spot, but he has gotten consistently better as the seasons have gone along.  He is ready to have a coming out party.


Much appreciation to Jimmy Morris as always.  We are always grateful for the fair and comprehensive coverage of his Tennessee Titans as they prepare to line up against our Houston Texans. Check out Jimmy’s work on and give him a follow on Twitter at @TitansMCM. It would have been cool to include a question about Bud Adams’ (owner of Titans and former Oilers) nomination for the NFL Hall of Fame had we known about it prior to getting our answers from Jimmy but this is where Twitter is an awesome resource because you can ask him yourself!

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