March 18, 2018

Gameday Prep: TNT Edition

Week two is upon us and the Houston Texans are hosting the Tennessee Titans at Reliant on Sunday. It will be a good measuring stick for a Titans team that upgraded their offensive line and who wants to run the ball with better consistency. The Texans know that an AFC South divisional game is anything but an automatic win and getting this win would be another good step for the Texans.

After a nice comeback win against the San Diego Chargers, the Texans will have to keep their emotions in check because this game will be high intensity from the get go.


Texans To Watch

Know Your Opponent


Gameday Prep

– This game will rest on what Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker will do for their offense. Locker will have to beat the Texans through the air and expect the defense to stack the box and challenge Locker to air it out. The defense will have to be aware of what Locker can do outside the pocket on the run, so keeping him in the pocket with a good pass rush will make his day tough.

– Titans defensvie lineman Jurrell Caseywho is considered an upstart player with a big future, started the trash talk early when he said:


If this is any indication on what Sunday will be like, we cannot wait.

– The offense showed a glimpse of what DeAndre Hopkins could be with this offense and he showed how well he catches the ball. He has the natural instincts that make wide receivers successful and with Andre Johnson opposite of him there is no real pressure on him to carry the passing game. Hopkins will get plenty of one on one situations and the more he is on the field the more confidence Matt Schaub will gain throwing the ball to him.

Some Disturbing Wide Receiver Stats





– Brice McCain will be a target for offenses here on out because right now he is the weak link of the secondary. He is lacking the acceleration he once had and has been having some issues staying away from pass interference calls. McCain is a perfect player to play in the slot with his speed and quickness but finding what made him successful is the issue now. Confidence or the foot injury slowed him more than we realized but McCain has to get back on track for the defense in a hurry.

– Which Chris Johnson will show up for the Titans is always an issue. The Texans have seen both sides of the running back, the one that rushes for 100+ yards and then the one that shows no want to and does very little on offense. He is still a threat for the Titans offense but keeping him from using his straight line speed is key because when he gets into the open field no one can catch him. Hitting him early and often is the key to frustrate the Titans and what they want to do on offense.

– The Chargers did a great job of getting rid of the ball fast to neutralize the Texans’ pass rush. Locker is known for holding onto the ball longer and the pass rush could come into play on Sunday. It starts with J.J. Watt and, after an impressive showing from Whitney Mercilus, there are some good signs for an improved pass rush. Throw in the fact Antonio Smith is returning for his first game of 2013, the pass rush should only get better this week.

– Matt Schaub carried this team and had a strong debut to the 2013 season. Now it is time for him to produce at this level more consistently. He looks lighter and more mobile in the pocket and he is still learning his new weapons on offense. He will be asked to throw early against the Titans to open up some space for the running game later on in the game.

– All eyes should be on Duane Brown and how he responds to a disappointing game where he gave up sacks and pressure on Schaub. There is no real pass rushing threat for the Titans like Dwight Freeney was for the Chargers, but he will still have to be on his A game to gain his confidence back.


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