March 22, 2018

Texans Tweets of the Week: Vol. 2

When you are three days without internet going on four, late posts like this happen. But because I love y’all, drastic measures had to be taken. I bring you Vol. 2 of Texans Tweets of the Week straight from my iPhone. As always, because Twitter is just too annoying to sift through, we’ve done it for you with your favorite Texans.


The Arian Foster/Ben Tate saga continues. Ben Tate having to answer obvious questions such as, “Do you like being a backup?” and, “Are you satisfied being a backup?” Seriously? Call it a hunch, but I’m pretty sure that no player comes into the NFL with aspirations of being the no. 2 or 3 player on the depth chart. And if that is their position on the roster, I’d venture to say they’re not content with it.  Considering his skill, next year’s free agency and the huge hole at RB on some other teams’ rosters, this is the likely last year you’ll see Tate in a Texans uniform.


Duane Brown getting his cupcake on. Or rather getting put on a cupcake. Hope those are turf toe curing cupcakes… We need him back for the Seattle game at the very latest.


Ben Jones is going to be doing trivia each day for Texans tickets. You’ll have to know some pretty obscure things about him so start hitting his Wikipedia page if you want to stand a chance.


So it’s pretty obvious that Randy Bullock needed a pick-me-up after Sunday’s game which is probably why he retweeted this gem later that day.  It’s only his second game in the NFL, so I’m not ready to call for his head like most people just yet. He’ll get it together.


DeAndre Hopkins showing us why we love our team and the chemistry they have together.


Ben Tate will be participating in Tide’s “Color Captains” program this year where they’re sponsoring 32 players, one from each NFL team, to show off #ourcolors. So don’t be surprised if you see more winners like this in his feed.

Hey, at least he has a sense of humor about the inevitability of his situation…



That wraps up Vol. 2 of Texans Tweets of the Week. Need I remind you I typed this entire thing from my phone just for you.  Stay tuned to State of the Texans for the most up to date info on your Houston Texans and, of course, more riveting Twitter action next week.


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