March 19, 2018

Sam Montgomery Switching Positions

It started with a number change but Houston Texans rookie Sam Montgomery will be switching numbers from 57 to 95, and will also be moving to defensive end. The position comes at an odd time especially with Montgomery going through the entire OTAs and training camp working at outside linebacker. At 6-3 and 260 lbs. Montgomery will have some work to do to get to Texans defensive end weight. Right now the Texans do not have defensive end under 285 lbs.

Montgomery was drafted out of LSU as a 4-3 defensive end and excelled in run and pass rush for the Tigers. As a 3rd round pick Montgomery has been slowed by injuries to start the season, but still made the 53 man roster coming out of camp. The reason for him moving to defensive end is not known, but it seems like Tim Jamison being inactive for the past two weeks could possibly be a reason.

It will take Montgomery sometime to get acclimated to the position and it will probably keep him inactive for majority of the season.

2 Responses to “Sam Montgomery Switching Positions”
  1. La Voz says:

    Well, we wanted two future impact players at OLB and we got them….it’s just that they were UDFAs in Tuggle and Jefferson. While it was probably a combination of factors, which factor do you think was most determining in this decision: Jamison, the UDFA OLBs, or Montgomery’s history playing with his hand in the dirt at LSU?

    • PDS says:

      What is sounds like, Montgomery is still growing and is more comfortable with his hand in the ground. So they decided not to fight it, but like you said having Willie Jefferson and Justin Tuggle helped that decision out.

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