March 22, 2018

SOTT All-22: Looking at Joseph and Mays Closer

In this we take some small snapshots of some plays from the last game against the Baltimore Ravens, and focus in on the Houston Texans. There was very little offensive success so we looked at the defense and focused on Johnathan Joseph and Joe Mays against the Ravens.

We covered three plays and it defines how both have started the 2013 season, and the results should not surprise anyone.




Johnathan Joseph Not Helping His Cause

Situation: 3rd and 10 at the Baltimore 17. Texans need a stop and 1st drive out of the half with the Texan trailing 17-9.


The Texans defense is in a cover two look with Kareem Jackson (on top) and Johnathan Joseph (bottom screen) both in man coverage. Brice McCain and D.J. Swearinger are also in man.

















At the snap Joseph opens the gate and let’s Smith up field with not even slowing him down. With Danieal Manning helping over the top to prevent the deep ball, he need Joseph to slow Smith to help him out. Manning has to respect the Dallas Clark possibly running across the middle of the field.


















Manning is keeping his eyes on Flacco to read him, but Joseph gives Smith a free run to gain speed. Joseph is already playing in trail mode.

















Torrey Smith is off the races and Joseph is in no man’s land, and Manning is too close to the middle of the field to help. Smith has also created a nice space for Flacco to let him make a play.

















Manning is too far at this point to help, but it all started with poor technique from Joseph. If you watch the play in full speed Joseph actually slows down during the play for no obvious reason and that is when Smith creates the space.

















Flacco hit Smith for a 48 yard completion.
















Endzone shot of how much field Manning has to cover. He has no chance to help with the free release Joseph gave Smith.

















The catch ended up being a big play that set up the Texans to give up a rushing touchdown to open up the game and end the Texans afternoon. It was a 3rd and long conversion that was due to poor technique from one of the key pieces of the Texans secondary.

















Joe Mays Goes to Work

Situation: 1st quarter, 2nd and 7


This is the Texans run defensive package against teams that try to lineup with one wide receiver. The Texans take Kareem Jackson out and replace him with a linebacker. The linebackers from left to right are Joe Mays, Darryl Sharpton and Brian Cushing.

















At the snap the Ravens are leading with Vonta Leach into the hole and Joe Mays has to prevent getting moved at the point of attack. Watch Mays work.

















The goal post is in the way, but Mays folds up Leach in the backfield and creates lanes for Cushing and Sharpton to make the play.

















Cushing has a free run at the play but missed the tackle. Mays is on top of Leach after finishing the block and Sharpton handles the tackle. Mays is a true thumper and Leach found out the hard way.

















Joe Mays Goes To Work, Part 2

Situation: 3rd and 1 on the Baltimore 40


Same defensive look for the Texans, and it is a key 3rd and one situation. Mays is working with Antonio Smith in this situation.

















Mays is watching the play develop and he sees that the play is away. As a linebacker if they have a crease to make a play they are taught to take it. With the center blocking back the hole is opening up perfect for Mays to attack downhill.

















Mays has a free run, sees Pierce getting the hand off. Mays triggers so quick Pierce doesn’t even see him.

















Pierce takes two steps and is met by Mays immediately for a -1 carry, and the Texans get off the field on 3rd down.
















Thoughts? Leave them in the comment section and some other players you would like us to cover.



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  1. kmc1499 says:

    Thanks for the breakdown, i love stuff like this. Joe Mays is a welcome addition to the defense.

  2. Cory Sanchez says:

    Nice work.

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