March 22, 2018

Texans Tweets of the Week: Vol. 3

That’s right, folks.  It’s time for another exciting addition of Texans Tweets of the Week.  As the Texans get ready to face the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday in Reliant, we bring you the most interesting and noteworthy tweets for your Houston Texans players and other Texans sources.

As always, because fooling with Twitter yourself is just way too time consuming, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

The number change isn’t so important as is the very subtle detail of Sam Montgomery now switching from OLB to DE. I hope that change is for the better, but I can’t help but feel like this speaks to the Texans not getting what they want. They drafted him as an OLB and they’re not getting an OLB. On the other hand, Montgomery has consistently had trouble keeping his weight down so, paraphrasing Texans’ GM Rick Smith‘s explanation for the change, why try to put a square peg in a round hole? The good news is that Rick Smith further elaborated that the transition has been very fluid so here’s hoping the newly crowned #95 can now begin to live up to his high draft pick.


Ed Reed responding to the media making a big deal out of nothing (again) as Reed seemed to be smiling and having a great time at the game despite the Texans’ very obvious struggles. I side with Reed here. He played quite well for his first game back despite the offense’s shortfalls. I have no issue with him taking a small pleasure in being back in the stadium and among the team he won a Super Bowl and spent 10 years with.


I love Whitney Mercilus‘ reaction to his (bogus) $15K fine for his hit on QB Joe Flacco in the Baltimore game. He stated, “Unfortunately I don’t think it will be my last as a pass rusher.” While we’re all concerned about the pacification of the game, it gives me hope when defensive players like this vow to keep playing hard for their team despite the fines by the NFL and the ever-more restrictive rules. Now if only those fines weren’t accompanied by pesky 15 yard penalties and automatic first downs…


As someone with a lot of immediate family members who attended Stephen F. Austin State University, it’s pretty cool to have one of their alumni playing for the Texans. I look forward to seeing the teaser Willie Jefferson is making for his fellow SFA fans coming in for the game and, of course, to hopefully seeing more of him on the field each game day for the Texans.  The Battle of the Piney Woods between rival schools SFA and Sam Houston State is set to take place in Reliant on November 2nd this year.


Throwback Thursday! Alright, you’re probably reading this on a Friday, but this was written on Thursday so! And a very fitting TBT considering that the Aggies face off against the Razorbacks this weekend in Arkansas.


Another throwback Thursday blast from the not-so-distant past. Who DOESN’T miss On the Nose with former Texans NT Shaun Cody (or Nick Scurfield for that matter)? This is our homage to two of some of the Texans organization’s best. If only we could convince someone to kick start this project again with another player.


If you’re not keeping up with J. J. Watt‘s charity aptly named the Justin J. Watt Foundation you should be. These people are doing great work. It’s run in part by J. J.’s mom, Connie Watt, and the things they are doing for inner-city kids and schools around the greater Houston area is outstanding. Kudos to them, they deserve your support.


Well gang, that does it for Vol. 3 of Texans Tweets of the week. Keep your eyes peeled to State of the Texans for all you need to know about your favorite team, players and city. See you next week!


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