March 19, 2018

UPDATED: Matt Schaub Harrassed at His Home

According to CBS Houston Sports 610, Houston Texans starting quarterback was visited by an unwelcome visitor at his Houston residence, an unhappy fan.


A source close to law enforcement told The Fred and Ted Show late Tuesday evening that Houston Police were contacted by the NFL after fans approached Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub at his home and berated him for his recent poor play.

Fred Davis Article on the situation.


According to the report fans showed up the starting quarterback’s house to harass Schaub for his recent play and they also took pictures of his family and posted them on Facebook. NFL security and local law enforcement were called to the scene, but the situation had already ended with the “fans” leaving the premises.

This comes as a black eye to a fan base that has been irate over the recent play of Schaub and the Houston Texans. Schaub has thrown nine interceptions in the young season and four of them have been returned for touchdowns in as many games.

It is just a game.


The full report is here from Sports 610. 






NFL says there was an incident, according to NFL VP of Security Jeff Miller.  Read here

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7 Responses to “UPDATED: Matt Schaub Harrassed at His Home”
  1. Big Tuna says:

    That’s why I drive around Texas, those carnies actually teach that leaving Texas is weird because they have everything they need in the state. Bunch of sickos all of em

    • Rhino says:

      You’re a fucking idiot. Even if you had a clue about what you were talking about , the inability to synchronize your brain synapsis would fail you…again.

    • Jacknife84 says:

      I created an account on here to tell you what a fucking moron you are. I think the real problem is you’re a bed-wetting libtard who stays in his mom’s basement still. Texas doesn’t want wussies like you anyhow.

  2. Bob Isaacks says:

    I wonder how much of the story is really true and how much of it was generated to draw attention to the writer.

  3. Sen Bjorn says:

    in Texas? who’d a thunk it? guns and football rule the roost….makes for lots of crazies with nothing better to do

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