March 22, 2018

The POGs: 49ers Edition

Welcome back, Houston faithful! On this week’s installment of Players Of the Game, we dig deep to find what little positives we could come up with in the loss against the San Francisco 49ers. Let’s get started.


Houston Texans Offensive POG: Arian Foster

With an offense that has only put up a touch down in one of its last three losses, Arian Foster has to┬ábe the obvious bright spot. Foster’s key play this week came on a third and short in the first half of the game when the Texans let the fate of the drive rest in his hands. From what looked to be a stuffed run, Foster turned into an obvious first down. On multiple occasions in the past few weeks, we’ve seen Foster making key effort plays to give this team everything he has to give. Plays like the key third down play will be the reason you’ll see Foster on plenty more POGs.


Houston Texans Defensive POG: Brooks Reed

Although we didn’t see Brooks Reed come out and make a top play list of any kind, he was there all game. With a solid five solo tackle game, Reed showed us why his team mates call him one of the strongest (physically) players they have. Every time Reed’s number was called to come down and pick up an offensive lineman on a run play, he held them. On most passing downs, Reed was making strong pushes towards the quarterback. Look for Reed to start making a bigger push with the emergence of Whitney Mercilus across from him. They will only make each other better.

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