March 18, 2018

SOTT Fantasy Recap: Week 5

This week in SOTT Fantasy Recap we will look at all of the contributors to the week 4 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.  The Texans barely lit up the stat sheet because most of the time the offense was on the sideline due to untimely turnovers. The Texans special teams unit as a whole was very lack luster and, of course, when it rains it pours for the Texans. Let’s look at how well they did and where they ranked amongst the rest of the NFL.



Matt Schaub – Schaub continued to struggle once again in the matchup against the 49ers. From the first pass that was intercepted for a touchdown to the pass that was intercepted by one of the niners’ backup lineman, this game was forgettable. Here are Schaub’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.92 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 1.00 pts.

19 completions, 35 attempts, 173 yards, 3 interceptions fantasy ranking – 32nd


T.J. Yates – Yates came in during garbage time when the Texans pulled Schaub because the game had gotten away from them. Yates handed the ball off and attempted some passes before the Texans ultimately turned the ball over on a Ben Tate fumble. Here are Yates’ stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.60 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 1.00 pts.

3 completions, 5 attempts, 15 yards fantasy ranking – 33rd




Andre Johnson  Johnson had one of his worst outings in his career as the first pass of the game that was thrown to him was intercepted and taken in for a touchdown. You could look at Johnson’s body language and tell the frustration, and it didn’t stop there as later on in the game on a different play a pass intended for Johnson was also intercepted. The touchdown was saved because Johnson tracked down the defensive back and snatched him out of bounds, but the damage had already been done. Here are Johnson’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 3.90 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 19.50 pts.

10 targets, 3 receptions, 39 yards fantasy ranking – 53rd


DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins was an afterthought once again in this game. Schaub rarely looked his way due to him reverting back to old habits of checking down to Owen Daniels and staring down Andre Johnson. It’s unfortunate for Hopkins that he doesn’t get more looks or attention to him. I doubt very seriously that Gary Kubiak specifically has plays going to other players instead of him. I think Schaub has to use all of his weapons in order to force defenses to stop sitting on his receivers’ routes and begin to respect them again. Here are Hopkins’ stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 2.30 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 6.00 pts.

4 targets, 2 receptions, 23 yards fantasy ranking – 62nd


Keshawn Martin – Martin wasn’t a factor at all. He was basically a decoy to help clear out some of the defenders underneath and subbed in for Johnson when he came out for a breather. Here are Martin’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 1.40 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 1.50 pts.

1 target, 1 reception, 14 yards fantasy ranking – 75th


DeVier Posey – Posey played but wasn’t factored into the game until garbage time. He basically had no significant contributions in this game. Here are Posey’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.50 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 0.50 pts.

2 targets, 1 reception, 5 yards fantasy ranking – 89th




Owen Daniels – Was effective in the game, but ultimately had a pass intended for him intercepted by a backup lineman. Overall, an average game for Schaub’s number two option. Here are Daniels’ stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 6.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 10.00 pts.

9 targets, 6 receptions, 60 yards fantasy ranking – 15th


Garrett Graham – Graham contributed to the game but wasn’t able to get into the end zone this week. Here are Graham’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 1.50 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 2.50 pts.

5 targets, 3 receptions, 15 yards fantasy ranking – 34th




Arian Foster – Foster ran well against the niners, he was virtually unstoppable. When they needed Foster, he was able to produce. The unfortunate thing is that he wasn’t utilized a bit more due to turnovers, the offense playing from behind, and them being off schedule with down and distances. Here are Foster’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 11.80 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 13.00 pts.

21 carries, 98 yards

4 receptions, 20 yards fantasy ranking – 13th


Ben Tate – Tate turned in a below average game. He didn’t see the field much until the game was already out of hand. Foster was taken out, Tate was brought in to close out the game, and in an attempt to get more yards was stripped and lost the fumble. He was benched and Cierre Wood was brought in. Here are Tate’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 2.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 2.00 pts.

7 carries, 28 yards, 1 fumble

2 receptions, 12 yards fantasy ranking – 50th




Randy Bullock – Bullock showed inconsistency once again in his field goals. It’s uncertain if it’s the pressure of kicking the ball when he kicks or if it’s a rhythm issue. He must get out of this lull that he is in before the time comes when he is needed to kick a field goal to win a game. Here are Bullock’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 3.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 4.00 pts.

0 – 0 extra points

1 – 2 field goals fantasy ranking – 28th




Texans – The Texans’ defense put in another solid game showing that they are a top tier defense. The problem is the offense’s inability to move the ball which put the defense in poor field position and virtually wore them down. They held the Niners to 14 points in the first half before they were ultimately worn out and allowed Vernon Davis to break away for a long touchdown reception. If the offense could avoid turnovers and put points on the board, it would be huge for this defense and allow them to be more aggressive and dominate teams. Here are the Texans defense’s stats and fantasy point totals.

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 3.00 pts.

1 sack, 26 points allowed fantasy ranking – 27th


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