March 22, 2018

Player Spotlight: Arian Foster

In Player Spotlight this week, we will talk about a player whose value to the offense is immeasurable. He is the horsepower that powers this vehicle. One thing that makes him distinct is his vision, agility and ability to change direction at 6’1 and 220+ lbs. The player in the spotlight this week was undrafted and runs with a chip on his shoulder. That player is Houston Texans running back Arian Foster.


Arian Foster is one of the more unique players to ever don a Texans uniform. When you think of Foster, the first thing that comes to mind is that he marches to the beat of a different drummer. Foster likes poetry, music and different forms of art. He majored in philosophy at the University of Tennessee and in a lot of his dealings, whether on the field or off, it shows. On the field, Foster has a very unique running style as he seems to glide across the field. At his best, Foster looks like poetry in motion and is a delight to see once he gets going. Last offseason, Foster was offered a new contract and it was well deserved. Unfortunately, after having some turnover on the offensive line, some fans and analysts began saying that once Foster signed his new contract he wasn’t the same. In some cases he wasn’t but I doubt it had anything to do with him being complacent with his new contract. Foster is a gamer. He shows up like most blue collar workers and puts on his gear and goes to work. With new pieces constantly changing around him on the offensive line and with his fullback, it’s amazing at the things he accomplished.


Last season with the injuries plaguing his fellow running mate Ben Tate, Foster was worked beyond expectation and, although Foster didn’t complain nor had any significant drop off in performance, it was evident he wasn’t fresh towards the end of the season. This year, Foster started off slow due to missing a large majority of the offseason and the preseason.  During the last two games, he has begun to resemble the Arian Foster that ran for 1,616 yards in his Sophomore season. The only thing missing from his game this season is the touchdowns. In 2010, Foster led the NFL in touchdowns with 16, which is amazing seeing how defenses knew what was coming at some point but could not stop it. Foster continues to push himself through his offseason training that he does with his brother, and each year he adds something new to his training to enhance his ability on the field. Foster has been highly respected around the league as he has been rated as high as the no. 2 back in the league behind Adrian Peterson. Also, Foster has been recognized the last two seasons on the NFL’s top 100.


In week 6, Foster carried the load for the Texans and was the lone bright spot for the Texans. He was phenomenal, carrying the ball 20 times for 141 yards at a little over 7 yards an attempt. Although Foster’s play was spectacular, he wasn’t able to overcome the miscues of the offense. Going forward, I expect the play to improve whether it is because Matt Schaub has regained his confidence or the Texans have gone in another direction (quarterback wise). However, if Foster can continue his play and avoid any major injuries, he should help power this offense and write his resume as a potential Hall of Fame candidate.

One Response to “Player Spotlight: Arian Foster”
  1. tom says:

    If he can avoid being earl left, earl right, earl up the middle, punt, he will be great.

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