March 18, 2018

D.J. Swearinger Named New Starter at Safety

    Houston Texans defensive coordinator named rookie D.J. Swearinger the starter at safety next to Ed Reed moving forward this season. There were reports that Shiloh Keo would be the starter for the injured Daneial Manning, who has been placed on injured reserve, but that was put to rest by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.   

Swearinger was drafted in the second round out of South Carolina and was slated to be the safety of the future for the Texans. He has been off to a slow start, but has been picking up the pace with his defensive play of late. In 2013, Swearinger has 12 total tackles in 6 games with the Texans. Swearinger is a gifted player and has the skill set to be a one of the top safeties on the Texans roster at the moment. The loss of Manning put the defense at a disadvantage, and Swearinger was the only safety on the roster to help in that department.

Look at Swearinger from last week against the Rams.

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