March 22, 2018

The Flipside: Chiefs Edition

My apologies for the tardiness of this week’s Flipside, but this is what happens when all of my clients decide to flip out at the same time on top of my boss dumping another 10 cases on me.  Such is the life of a lowly attorney.  But, I digress.  I guess we should talk about this horrific five-game losing streak involving our boys on Kirby.

In their week 7 matchup, the 2-4 Texans faced the 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs. Honestly, I thought this was a game that the Texans could win despite their QB woes, solely because I think the Chiefs are vastly overrated.  Kansas City has talent and is a good team by definition, but much like the Broncos (vs. the Colts), when they finally end up playing a great team they will have problems.  But apparently the Texans weren’t meant to be the team that would expose the Chiefs, although they did struggle with our defense and containing our 3rd string QB.

The Texans continued their longest losing streak since 2006 with a loss at Arrowhead and the Kansas city fans had plenty to say about it.  This week’s comments come courtesy of Arrowhead Addict.

Case Keenum throws 29-yard TD Pass to DeAndre Hopkins


Alex Smith rushing TD on Fake Handoff to Non-Existent Running Back


Goal Line Stand: Marcus Cooper denies Texans TD with mid-air strip of DeAndre Hopkins


Jamaal Charles Hits Brian Cushing Low, Ending the Texans’ Linebacker’s Season


Final Texans Drive: Chiefs Recover Case Keenum Fumble on the Sack by Tamba Hali


Texans Give Chiefs First “Scare”:

Keenum held firm for most of the game, completing 15-of-25 passes for 271 yards and a gorgeous early touchdown pass downfield to DeAndre Hopkins. What undid Keenum, who struggled after a hot start, were five second-half sacks, including one in the final two minutes in his own end. Call it a “rookie mistake” in Keenum’s first start, holding onto the ball too long, even though he was on the team’s practice squad a year ago.

For the Chiefs, they are lucky to get out unscathed. Although the defense rose up in the second half and there were just enough big plays — including a controversial Alex Smith scramble — to vault them to a seventh straight victory. There won’t be too many easy victories from here on out. –Eric Edholm

Kansas City Fans are Boring and Apparently Don’t Trash Talk. Instead, Enjoy Reminiscing About How We Used to Feel This Way About the Texans



The city of Houston was abuzz about Case Keenum’s debut in the NFL.  Throughout the week I’ve heard nothing but adjectives like, “excellent,” “fantastic,” and “stellar” to describe his play.  Of course, this is going to be an unpopular take but for this chick, Keenum merely played, “better than current day Matt Schaub.” Considering how Schaub’s been playing lately, that’s not really saying much. He played fine for 2 1/2 quarters of the game, but his inexperience really came through in the second half (5 sacks, 2 fumbles). Don’t get me wrong, he played better than I expected (15/24, 271 yds., 1 TD), especially considering the injury to Arian Foster and the play of the OLine.  But not well enough to make me think he could outplay a healthy (2011?) Schaub and, more importantly, not well enough to make me think the Texans shouldn’t be looking to draft a QB in the first round of the 2014 draft.

The Texans have their bye in week 8 and considering all of the injuries they suffered this past Sunday, it seems like a Godsend.  Arian Foster (and Ben Tate) will have extra time to get healthy for the week 9 matchup against the division rival Indianapolis Colts.  Perfect, considering that Foster’s injury was to his hamstring and those can be fickle to recover from.  The biggest blow to the Texans’ roster was obviously the loss of Brian Cushing for the season… a nightmarish version of 2012 deja vu.

The optimist in me wants to say that we have what it takes to beat the Colts at home, but the realist in me says we’re too defeated, too confused and too injured to put up even a decent showing. More people than I care to mention have said they were okay with this loss because it was “improvement.”  Is that what we as a fan base have come to? Being OK with losses just because we played slightly better than we had been?  After two consecutive winning seasons with playoff appearances? I’m really not sure what to make of that other than I absolutely loathe that sentiment.  Of course, right now most people only care about who’s going to start come November 3 and nothing else.  Keenum will likely get the start but I wouldn’t be shocked if Kubiak started Schaub, assuming he’s healthy.  Nothing shocks me with this team anymore.  Schaub, Yates, Keenum… all I know is I want is a win. And frankly (Scarlet), I don’t give a damn how we get it.


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