March 21, 2018

Three Myths For the Houston Texans


The season has been abysmal for the first seven games and there has been some thoughts going around about the Houston Texans. With Case Keenum fever and people upset with the play of Matt Schaub, radio station callers and media alike have started playing the scenario game with the Texans.

Hearing the thoughts of some of these moves, we are here to debunk some of those myths that seem to flooding the airwaves. 



Three Myths for the Texans 


Texans should trade Ben Tate and Matt Schaub

Our friend Sean Pendergast said it well with a tweet,


There is a consensus that the Texans need to blow up the team, despite not being out of the hunt for the playoffs. It is not easy to just trade players in the NFL with the cap situation involved, and there is no way the Texans are giving up on the season prior to the trade deadline on October 29th.

Let’s take Ben Tate for example. He is in his last year of his deal and the running back position and it’s value is at an all time low.  In the last three NFL drafts, there have only been four running backs taken in the first round, Mark Ingram (28th, 2011), Trent Richardson (3rd, 2012) Doug Martin (31st, 2012) and David Wilson (32nd, 2012). Running backs are being selected all over the draft and for less money than Tate would make in his second professional deal. Add in the fact that Tate has missed games and had issues holding the football, most importantly in the last year of his deal, his value is zero. Teams will not look for a running back with miles on his legs until the free agency period, but the Texans are content on holding him until the season is finished.

As for Schaub, teams that want to give him a chance could easily wait for him to be released in the off-season, if the Texans choose to do that. Schaub is another player whose play has destroyed any value he has via the trade market.

Trades are not on the table for the Texans because, inside of Reliant, the team feels they are still in the mix to make it to the playoffs.  Trades mean the team is throwing up the white flag. They still feel this is an attainable goal. Will it happen? Only time will tell, but the chances are bleak.


Texans need to fire Gary Kubiak

The hot topic around Houston and the vultures are circling waiting for the end of this era. The franchise does not operate on firing coaches in mid season and Kubiak will be safe until this season is over.  The Texans have only been truly dominated in two games this season against the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. If Kubiak would have gotten average quarterback play to this point, things may have been different.

The team has been stagnant at times and looked like it is a time for a change. Things do not look as bad with a capable quarterback and this was evident with Case Keenum able to move the ball in his first NFL start. Play has been bad and the production that has gone with it has been too, but Kubiak is going nowhere because of this, at least not during this season.


Case Keenum is the Future of the Franchise

Keenum’s first NFL start was impressive and put some life in this floundering team, but the reality is the Texans need to keep their sights set on the 2014 rookie draft class, mainly the quarterbacks. Keenum did prove that he has a place in the NFL, but as the quarterback for the next five years is a little far fetched at the moment.

The season still has to play out and Keenum is still not guaranteed anything as a starter for the Texans, even this season. The Texans franchise quarterback is currently not on this roster and no matter what Keenum does as a quarterback for this team, the Texans HAVE to draft one next season.


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3 Responses to “Three Myths For the Houston Texans”
  1. cartooner says:

    Good, relevant, post.
    On the trades, it’s been reported Cleveland covets Tate. But they won’t kick the tires until he’s a free agent. Why should they compensate the Texans with anything? A point a radio personality made about a Schaub trade: Who would want to trade for a 32 year old QB coming off a leg injury who has been playing poorly since last year?

    Gary Kubiak. Yes, I think he’s hit his ceiling and needs to go, but thankfully, Bob McNair is professional and shrewd enough to give Gary the rest of the season. I think Kubiak has at least earned the right to try and save his job with the remainder of the season. I just don’t think he can.

    If Case Keenum is the future of the Texans, then he’ll beat out our 1st round draft pick for the starting job next year. Simple as that.

  2. craig says:

    You forgot about Trent Richardson, 3rd overall in 2012. Understandable, because he is just terrible.

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