March 22, 2018

Texans Facing a Big Task Coming Out of the Bye Week

The Houston Texans are coming out of the bye week and are faced with a monumental task to save their 2013 season. Sitting at 2 and 5, the Texans only sit two games out of the final playoff spot with nine games left to play. There are 11 teams in the AFC with 4 wins or less, so the season at this rate is a long way from being over.

The Texans’ schedule may not be the toughest on paper, with the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts the premier opponents left for the season.


Coming Out of the Bye Week


Texans Trying to Bolster the Special Teams Unit

The Texans are set to bring in Deji Karim and linebackers Tavares Gooden and Jeff Tarpinian who will be expected to help out a struggling special teams unit. All three should be active on game days and will bring more to the table than the three they replaced in Cierre Wood, Willie Jefferson and Tim Dobbins, who were all waived by the Texans last week.

It seems like it was a concerted effort by the Texans during the bye week to sure up the special teams unit and get some value out of the bottom part of their roster. The additions of Mike Mohamed and Elbert Mack for the Kansas City game helped the team from the get go and it would be expected for these three to make contributions immediately.


Running Back Situation is Unsettling

Arian Foster (Hamstring) and Ben Tate (Ribs) are both dealing with injuries coming out of the bye week so the Texans signed Deji Karim and Dennis Johnson (off the Browns practice squad) and promoted Ray Graham from their own practice squad. It is concerning that the active roster now has FIVE running backs on the 53 man roster and raises the question of how hurt are Foster and Tate to have this many running backs on the roster.

It seems like Tate’s ribs are the biggest issue, especially being four broken ribs.  The bye week should have helped Foster’s hamstring isnjury, but that injury could easily be reaggravated again on the field. Karim, Johnson and Graham look like they will be bigger pieces of the running game with the health issues and could be something to monitor this week heading into Sunday night.


Colts on Sunday Night

This game is huge for the Texans for the apparent reasons. It is a prime time game against a key divisional opponent who is currently atop the AFC South. A win could prove big for a team that is riding a five game losing streak and facing what is the cream of the crop right now in the AFC. If the Texans want to make a statement, their chance is coming up this Sunday night, and this game could really tilt the outcome of their season one way or the other.


Kubiak and the Decision at Quarterback

This decision looms large for a Texans team that had a second year quarterback in Case Keenum impress in his first start as a professional. Head Coach Gary Kubiak has probably the toughest decision for him as a head coach in front of him concerning the quarterback situation, especially knowing that this is his quarterback he traded for in 2007. Schaub is dealing with an undisclosed injury to his leg and ankle suffered on a sack in the St. Louis game.

With Keenum’s strong start, signs are pointing to him getting the nod on Sunday night against the Colts, which is the biggest game this season. If Keenum is named the starter, the Texans will be close to ending the era of Matt Schaub in Houston.



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2 Responses to “Texans Facing a Big Task Coming Out of the Bye Week”
  1. cartooner says:

    While I don’t think we WILL do it, It is possible to win this division. I think a wild card would be tougher to get. Bolstering special teams and loading up on RBs
    seems like a coach on the ropes trying to save his job which makes the QB decision fairly easy. If You have Schaub and Yates, play Keenum while he’s hot. If he cools off, gamble with the others.

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