March 21, 2018

Midseason Awards for the Texans

The midway point of the season is here and we hand out our awards for the Houston Texans in plenty of categories for the 2013 season. We handed out awards for:

Team MVP, Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, Rookie of the Year, Biggest Surprise, Best Free Agent Signing, Biggest Disappointment and Player on the Rise.

Once a player has been selected for an award, they are not eligible for another. 



SOTT Texans Awards


Player on the Rise

Case Keenum

Make no mistake, what Keenum has done in his two starts no one could have predicted. Keenum is winless but he is doing everything he can to keep the Texans in games. It is hard not to look forward to what else Keenum can do for the offense. He has shown he can make all the throws to be successful. The offense has a better pace to it and wide receivers are being used the way they should, which is good for two of the top receiver tandems in the game in Johnson and Hopkins. His arrow is pointing up and it gives the Texans something to look forward to for the remainder of the season and the coming years.


DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins

Rookie of the Year

DeAndre Hopkins

He has been as good as advertised coming out of Clemson and being a first round draft pick. The learning curve has not been noticeable and he has played well as a rookie. He showed he can take over games with Johnson out and do everything a wide receiver needs to do on the field. Catch the ball with confidence and ability to run every route makes him a dangerous player. The Texans have their wide receiver of the future when Johnson’s career comes to an end, and now with Case Keenum under center, Hopkins could be a bigger weapon for the offense later in the season.


Biggest Surprise

Shiloh Keo

There is no denying that when Keo is in the game defensively he has not hurt the defense and, more importantly, he has provided impact plays. He had a huge hit on a 3rd down play against the San Diego Chargers to change the look of that game and came out with a key interception against the Kansas City Chiefs to give the Texans another chance. He understands his limitations but he has made the most of his opportunity for the Texans and provided a better option in the tackling game than starter Ed Reed. 


Shane Lechler

Shane Lechler

Best Free Agent Signing

Shane Lechler

The return to his home state of Texas has proved to be just what Lechler needed for his career. Over 50% of his punts have landed inside the 20 yard-line and he could be considered the Texans second best defensive player for the way he pins teams deep in their own territory. His age came into question when he was signed here but he has put those issues behind him and looks like he could be here for the near future.


Biggest Disappointment

Matt Schaub 

This was an ugly trend for the Texans and a big reason why the team only has two wins the entire season. There were signs late in the 2012 season and they were confirmed with Schaub’s play through 5 1/2 games this season. Poor decisions, interceptions, lack of confidence and, most importantly, points from his turnovers. The Texans had to make a change and it had to happen at the quarterback position, the team’s biggest weakness. It was bad to watch and the team’s captain could not get it done when needed.


Offensive Player of the Year

Chris Myers

The most consistent player on offense for the Texans and he has been the rock of the offensive line. The entire offensive line has struggled, but Myers is proving he is the best center in football. He does have issues with bigger players but he has been very good in run blocking and pass protection this season. His value for the team is lost with all of the skill players who get the press, but Myers is having one of his best seasons of his career.


Defensive Player of the Year

J.J. Watt

The only real defensive player who has brought it every game and he has not stopped since week one. He is still creating issues for offensive lines and quarterbacks while the majority of the time he is getting double teamed on plays. Offenses pay attention to Watt, and he can take over a game in a hurry.  He makes the players around him better and allows other players to make plays, but Watt is still a one man wrecking crew. The definitive leader of the defense is Watt and he is the most important piece of the defense.


Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

Team MVP

Andre Johnson

He put together solid numbers with Schaub but he has shown he has plenty left in the tank with his new quarterback in Keenum. Johnson is on his way of putting up some gaudy numbers and he has finally found the end zone for the Texans. Without Johnson, the Texans would not have a go to player and he is putting up impressive career numbers. He is once again defying odds and, with the emergence of Keenum, it looks like Johnson’s shelf life has too.



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