March 20, 2018

Kubiak’s Future More Important than Football

Sitting in the press box at Reliant on Sunday night at the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts game, the atmosphere was electric and Case Keenum stole the show during the first half. Play calls were working, Andre Johnson found the fountain of youth and it was because of what Keenum put together in front of his hometown crowd.

After the Colts knelt the ball to get out of the onslaught the Texans brought to them, the game took a sudden change and it involved Gary Kubiak falling to his knees and requiring medical attention. The press box was in disbelief, as was the  71,778 fans in attendance, as news spread that Kubiak was the one surrounded by the onsite medical staff.



Reports swept though the press box that there was no heart attack and some called it dehydration. Even his heart rate and pulse checked out according to sources. Reports have surfaced that Kubiak had a TIA which is considered a mini-stroke which is only more concern for his health in the coming years.

The situation was real and it affected the players more than people realized. In the locker room, players were not very concerned with the outcome of the game but more worried about their head coach. A head coach that is known to live at Reliant during training camp and preseason, while being the first in the door and last out the door during the season, has been noticed by his players.

During training camp this year, he attended the college graduation of one of his sons and the practice that afternoon was at a different pace and feel. The practice was sluggish and seemed to have lost focus some too, very similar to what happened the second half against the Colts this past Sunday. Kubiak is a big part of this team and it is deeper than play calling or player transactions. There were plenty of “he is family” descriptions from his players talking about Kubiak.



There will be some questions about what will happen with Kubiak in 2013, but his future during this season should be nothing more than getting healthy. His 2013 season should be over because of his health and there is no reason to push his body any more than what it needs to be at this point. The Texans 2-6 season will still continue but Kubiak should not, and the organization should take his health and well being into consideration moving forward. This is not about a demotion or setting him up to be fired, this is about the reality of the situation.

The recovery is said to be easy but Kubiak’s future as a coach in the NFL will be questioned also. The stress will not go away and one episode like this could lead to more issues through the years. Kubiak’s health and his family take a front seat in this situation and that is the main focus here, and moving on without Kubiak should be the decisions made at this point of the season. Getting his health back in order is the priority, but we all know Kubiak will do everything he can to get back on the sidelines with his team. 


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