March 24, 2018

Texans Pass on Signing a Kicker


The Houston Texans worked out three kickers today bringing in veterans Neil Rackers, Shayne Graham and Justin Medlock to see if they would replace struggling Texans kicker Randy Bullock. According to Rackers, the Texans are passing on signing any of the veterans and sticking with Bullock.

Bullock is 13 of 21 this season on field goal attempts and is currently 7 for 11 (40-49 yards) and 0 for 4 (50+) and is currently making 61.9% of his kicks . Bullock has a strong leg and really helps the special teams on kickoff where he currently has 16 touch backs this season, but his field goal kicking has left something to be desired.

Sitting at 2-6 changing kickers at this point could be too late during the season to see a real difference, but the Texans are content on sticking with their 5th round pick (2012 draft) to continue kicking duties.

9 Responses to “Texans Pass on Signing a Kicker”
  1. 1texan says:


  2. Cody Hughes says:

    Then you f—ing deserve to lose for not being able to make the call on when to make a change!!!!

  3. Hurt Ben says:

    Maybe they all need their heads examined, dumb move

  4. Sederick Ervin says:

    We deserve this horrible season. Sticking with Schaub until it was too late now sticking with bullock. Smh, just an incompetent organization.

  5. Sam Yard says:

    Yea maybe its too late now, but they should have gotten rid of him a long time ago and we would be sitting okay right now, still playoff bound.

  6. brent nichols says:

    That is the stupidest thing to do is keep a kicker and it just makes a point to the team that if u play like shit u still got a job…. need to put some fire under there ass!!!

  7. msvtexan says:

    I hope they eventually bring back Neil Rackers. I think right now they don’t want to make hasty decisions. But I think once Kub comes back it will get dealt with.

  8. Sean says:

    Its hilarious reading the comments from people who think they know everything about football and running a professional sports team. Really if you know so much and are such an expert why aren’t you working in the front office, instead you bash your team rather then rally behind them even in the tough times. Having personally worked for (note the past tense) the Texans in my professional career they are a first class organization that is always focusing on the big picture. A Championship is coming to this city, maybe not this season, but soon. Count on it.

  9. there ya go says:

    The Texans are a good team, for some odd reason their heads are just not in sync with each other. The defense has been totally awesome even with the injuries. Those guys rock. I do have some complaints but these guys are great professionals. The offense has seen better days but still they are a good offense. When this team begins to get in sync katy bar the doors cause the Texans are coming an they will not be knocking. We have just seen glimpse of what is to come. We have a great team in Houston.

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