March 24, 2018

POGs: Colts Edition

Welcome back Texans fans! I hope all is well. While our team seems to be in complete disarray, there are still plenty of bright spots. Let’s get started with this week’s Players Of the Game.


Houston Texans Offensive POG: Andre Johnson

Now hold up, I know you’d expect me to put my main man, Case Keenum, but we’ve got to go with the super star. Andre Johnson possibly had the greatest performance of his career. Surpassing 12,000 yards in his career, Johnson caught three touchdowns and proved that all you have to do is get him the ball. Johnson will play a key roll in developing our young quarterback.


Houston Texans Defensive POG: Joe Mays

Outside of his five solo tackles and one sack, Joe Mays didn’t do anything too fancy or standout-ish, but he was there all game. When Brian Cushing went down last year, the middle linebacker position was lost. This year, on the other hand, we have a couple of linebackers in Daryl Sharpton and Joe Mays who can fill the huge void left by Cushing.


Houston Texans Special Teams POG: Bryan Braman

Although Braman actually missed blocking the punt, he got to the punter multiple times. Braman is still the best special teams player on the team, he just hasn’t shown up until now. Will be interesting to see if that’s enough to keep him on this team after this season.

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