March 21, 2018

SOTT Fantasy Recap: Week 9

This week in SOTT Fantasy Recap, we will look at all of the contributors to the week 9 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.  The Texans came out with guns blazing as Case Keenum hooked up with Andre Johnson early and often to open up an 18 point lead. The problem is the offensive display was limited to just the first half as the Texans’ nitro charged offense sputtered, while the defense gave up big plays late and the special teams were not special. Ultimately, the Texans were edged out by 3 points in an exciting game.  Let’s look at how well they did and where they ranked amongst the rest of the NFL.



Case Keenum – Keenum was phenomenal against the Colts. Keenum brought big play after big play in the early part of the game. He is definitely the answer to the Texans offensive woes, the only thing he needs to pull out a win is a defense that remains stout throughout the game and a competent kicker. Keenum did all he could to win the game but came up short when Randy Bullock missed a 55 yarder to tie the game. Here are Keenum’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 28.60 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 50.00 pts.

20 completions, 34 attempts, 350 yards, 3 touchdowns fantasy ranking – 3rd




Andre Johnson Johnson was Keenum’s main target and he showed that there is nothing wrong with his wheels or ability. A pleasant surprise for Texans fans who longed to see their star receiver get more than just yardage, Johnson caught 3 touchdown passes that he himself was surprised happened. This would have never happened had the former starting quarterback been under center. Here are Johnson’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 40.90 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 58.50 pts.

13 targets, 9 receptions, 229 yards, 3 touchdowns fantasy ranking – 1st


DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins had a quiet game and took a back seat to Johnson. He wasn’t targeted as much because Johnson made everything look so easy. However, in the second half, Keenum should have looked for him a bit more as he was open quite a bit. Here are Hopkins’ stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 5.40 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 6.50 pts.

6 targets, 3 receptions, 54 yards fantasy ranking – 44th


DeVier Posey – Posey played as the number 3 receiver and was solid. He is beginning to create good chemistry with Keenum as he targeted Posey several times and just over threw him on a pass in the end zone. Posey bailed Keenum out on a few passes that resulted in first downs as he worked back to Keenum when he began to scramble. Here are Posey’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 2.30 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 3.50 pts.

4 targets, 3 reception, 23 yards fantasy ranking – 62nd




Garrett Graham – Graham saw a few targets come his way, but due to Keenum being so effective throwing the deep ball Graham’s role was minimized. Here are Graham’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 4.60 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 6.00 pts.

6 targets, 4 receptions, 46 yards fantasy ranking – 17th




Arian Foster – Foster’s game ended early with a back injury that came on a short pass from Keenum that was dropped and Foster came off the field and into the locker room. Here are Foster’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 0.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 0.00 pts.

0 carries, 0 yards

1 target, 0 receptions, 0 yards fantasy ranking – N/A


Ben Tate – Tate entered the game once Foster came out of the game with a back strain and carried the majority of the load. Tate was able to move the ball and helped make the play action game respectable. Tate wasn’t his usually battering ram self as he was somewhat tentative with his yards after contact. He went down much easier in an effort to protect his ribs from further injury. Here are Tate’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 7.90 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 8.50 pts.

22 carries, 81 yards

1 reception, -2 yards fantasy ranking – 26TH


Dennis Johnson – Johnson entered the game to give Tate a breather, and showed well. He had a couple of long runs and was able to hold onto the ball. He was a great change of pace back for Tate and I’m sure if he gets more playing time that he will improve even more. Here are Johnson’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 3.60 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 3.00 pts.

8 carries, 36 yards fantasy ranking – 44TH




Randy Bullock – Bullock was terrible in this game as he kept kicking wide. He later kicked a field goal that was wide and it ended up being the reason the Texans lost to the Colts. Here are Bullock’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 6.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 7.00 pts.

3 – 3 extra points

1 – 4 field goals fantasy ranking – 17th




Texans – The Texans’ defense was stout in the first half and was picked apart in the second half. Once again, it was a tale of two halves. The Texans must find a way to put two halves together in order to win a game. Here are the Texans defense’s stats and fantasy point totals:

NFL Fantasy Leagues – 7.00 pts.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues – 4.00 pts.

4 sacks, 27 points allowed, 0 interceptions, 0 fumble recovery fantasy ranking – 20th

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