March 19, 2018

Five Texans That Need To Be Set Free

Sitting at 2 and 7, the Houston Texans need to really think about making moves to give the team the best chance to evaluate the roster moving forward. It even might produce a win for the Texans if they decide to make these moves, but right now shaking up a struggling team could be something that the team really needs at this point.

Here are five Texans than need to be set free for the upcoming games.


The Five

Free Brandon Harris

The lack of production of Brice McCain makes the call for the second round pick to get on the field. Throw in the fact that Kareem Jackson is dealing with injuries that put his status in question for Sunday, Harris could be getting some much needed playing time. Harris is a more physical player than McCain and that plays a big part in the struggles of McCain. Critics have been tough on what Harris has not done for the Texans, but he has not been given the opportunity on the field. Harris showed against the Cardinals that he can make things happen and, now in his third season and primarily a special teams player, he needs to be given the chance to be on defense.


Ben Jones

Ben Jones

Free Ben Jones

If you want to get a good read on what Case Keenum can be, give him some help up front. Wade Smith has been a liability all year at left guard and second year player Ben Jones has played the position. Jones could provide some youth at the position to get the Texans through the season and put a more athletic and mobile player at left guard. Jones has showed in the past that he can be an adequate starter when needed, and this should be an opportunity for the Texans to work Jones and get him some more playing experience.


Free Ryan Harris

The Derek Newton experiment needs to come to a halt more than just splitting snaps with Harris. Even if they don’t split snaps, Harris needs to start and get the bulk of the snaps for the offense. Once again, this goes to give Keenum the best chance to succeed and get the best look at him. Harris, despite not being as athletic has Newton, has the veteran experience to be adequate for the remaining games on the schedule.


Free Deji Karim 

This has already happened to a point, but stick with Karim on kick returns plus get him some snaps on offense. He has been in the league long enough to understand the pass protection concept and be aware enough on the field to produce. Not saying that Dennis Johnson should not get his opprotunity, but getting Karim more involved can help  Ben Tate later in the game when he has been needed the most during the three game stretch of Keenum’s starts.


Free Ed Reed 

This has to do with letting Reed go from his current contract and making him available as a free agent. The Texans will be on the hook for around $2.7 million dollars for the last two years of his deal. Reed is not a good fit for the Texans defensive scheme and that is evident with Reed required to be a tackler inside the box. Reed is made to play center field and prevent big plays, but the defense has been so vulnerable to the run that Reed is being asked to be a physical player. Mistakes are made all of the time and the Texans miscalculated what Reed had left in the tank.



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  1. Juan Grande says:

    Who was is it who decided Ed Reed over Grover Quinn was the way to go?

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