March 19, 2018

Player Spotlight: D.J. Swearinger

This week in Player Spotlight we will look at a rookie who has been steadily improving since OTA’s. He has been making his presence known from college and all throughout the offseason. This player isn’t quiet on the field at all, and he makes his call “DB’s” each time he hits the field. He’s a hard hitter and is a very versatile player. The player in the spotlight this week is safety D.J. Swearinger.


Last offseason, the Houston Texans decided to go in a different direction when they allowed safety Glover Quin to go in free agency. The Texans scouted and targeted an exciting and very verbal player in Swearinger. While in college at South Carolina, Swearinger carried the moniker of enforcer and he lived up to that name while roaming the deep middle and even when he came up to the line of scrimmage. If you don’t believe me, put on the tape against their arch rival Clemson and look at the hit he lays on Andre Ellington. I found it funny that they matched up again in the recent game the Texans had versus the Arizona Cardinals. With all of the buzz in Arizona surrounding Ellington as a break out player for the Cardinals, he really didn’t have much of an impact on the game. My guess is he remembered the hit that was laid on him from Swearinger back in college and wanted nothing to do with him.


Swearinger was a huge pick up for the Texans and it was seen early in OTA’s and mini-camp. He looked like a seasoned veteran amongst the other rookies. He made his presence known by directing the secondary to be in their spots pre-snap. One of the things that makes him so important to the Texans’ defense is his versatility. Swearinger has the ability to read offenses, he can cover tight ends and running backs, and in a pinch can cover receivers. He has the athleticism to play free safety and cover sideline to sideline while having the fierceness to take on linemen to plug up holes and occupy blockers to hinder running lanes. Although he does so much as a player, he is still a rookie and has made his share of mistakes throughout the season with some of his pre-snap reads and other intricacies of the game.


In the game against the Cardinals, Swearinger became the starter after veteran safety Ed Reed was demoted. Swearinger didn’t disappoint as he intercepted a pass intended for the Cardinals tight end and shifted the momentum of the game in the Texans favor early on. Swearinger played the run well and didn’t appear to blow many assignments in coverage. He tended to be around the ball most of the time in the secondary even if he wasn’t able to make a play. I look forward to him improving as a safety and learning how to read offenses better. He will prove to be a great addition to the Texans secondary and will probably be the starter for the foreseeable future.




D.J. Swearinger

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