March 20, 2018

New Questions Brewing for the Texans

When losing occurs the way the Houston Texans have done it the past eight games. new questions start to pop up. The way the Texans lost against the Oakland Raiders only opened the door for more questions that need to be answered, but only getting to the end of the season will get them answered.

Jobs are in jeopardy, evaluations are on going and the fan base is getting restless, and wins will not solve these problems for the 2013 season. We took a look at some new issues brewing at Reliant for the Texans.


Questions Brewing

Has Owner Mr. Bob McNair Seen Enough?

Has the Kubiak regime gone too far and has the recent developments for the team made him reconsider what he wants with is franchise. As much as people are convinced the talent is not here, the Texans roster has plenty of top end talent that could find work elsewhere. McNair holds all the answers on the direction this franchise is headed, and he is the only one that can say enough is enough. The 2-8 start has not helped out anyone’s cause and with a season that started with so much promise, the sting is only more real for an organization that thought they were close to the promised land.


What is Andre Johnson Really Mad About?

Is he mad about not winning, or the fact that Schaub got in his face? Could it be a bigger issue that the outsiders looking in cannot see from the stands. Johnson walking off the field prior to the game not being over was a first for the Texans and seeing him visibly upset with Schaub was another eye-opening issue. No matter what Johnson is mad about, he has taken the high road to squash anything that has tried to come out about the situation.  It still raises eyebrows to know the franchise’s most decorated player was mad about something, but what exactly is all speculation.


Who will make it out at the end of the season?

There has been plenty of discussion of the futures of General Manage Rick Smith, Head Coach Gary Kubiak and all of his assistants, all have been under fire for majority of the losing streak. Now full attention has turned to them and who could not be retained for next season. It is hard to even get a feel for what anyone is thinking, but the performance on the field as left something to be desired.

This came out late yesterday,


This is as real as it gets, and the discussion has apparently occurred. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.


Which players will be gone?

The evaluation process has started and the Texans are looking at who will be here next year, and they should. Cap numbers will come into play and with a weak free agent class from the Texans in 2014, there is plenty for the front office to digest. There could be some big changes coming to a roster that needs a serious tune up, and players like Danieal Manning, Matt Schaub, Johnathan Joseph and Owen Daniels will come into question with their high cap numbers. Plus free agents like Antonio Smith, Wade Smith, Ben Tate, Garrett Graham  and Earl Mitchell could be looking at their last season in Houston. Key pieces of the Texans in 2013, could look completely different by the time training camp arrives in 2014.


Is Case Keenum the Long Term Solution?

This is probably the biggest one that needs to be answered with the remaining games. Keenum has shown he can produce, but he still has to learn the game on the field. There will be bumps along the way, but it is worth it now to see what he has now and if it can be more for the franchise. The Texans are closing in on a top draft pick for 2014, and getting an answer on Keenum could help shape their draft board even further. Keenum’s evolution over the remainder of the season could play a big factor on where this franchise goes for the coming seasons. The quarterback position is one they cannot miss on, and is starts with Keenum and if he can be a franchise quarterback for the Texans.



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2 Responses to “New Questions Brewing for the Texans”
  1. cartooner says:

    This draft is shaping up to be a superb QB class. If we start next year with a new coaching regime (I think/hope we do), we need a 1st round QB no matter how well Keenum does this year. So what if they BOTH turn out to be franchise QBs? One will be worth his weight in draft picks in a trade. We still have Yates.
    Minority owner’s opinions have no weight unless Bob McNair gives them weight. It is his decision alone if Kubiak & Co. stays or goes. I’m confident he’s decided Gary’s had his chance and come up too short. This teams problems are less about talent than a lack of good coaching.

    • cartooner says:

      I ripped this off Tania Ganguli at ESPN’s AFC South blog:

      “147.9 — Keenum’s passer rating when throwing to Andre Johnson. Wow. His QBR is also nearly perfect when throwing to Johnson at 98.9. (Perfect QBR is 100, perfect passer rating is 158.3). Schaub’s passer rating when throwing to Johnson is only 69.5 and his QBR only 54.2. Schaub’s best QBR and passer rating this season have been on throws targeting tight endGarrett Graham.”

      Now we know what Andre Johnson was REALLY mad about!

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