March 22, 2018

Ed Reed Goes All In on the Texans

Former Houston Texans safety and now current New York Jets safety Ed Reed met with the Baltimore media today and had some choice words for the franchise he was released from.


Take a look:


Reed made it clear that defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was a problem in his eyes on how he ran the defense. This season for the Texans has been a disaster and now their prized free agent of 2013 in Reed has put his thoughts out about Phillips and the defense.  No matter what the issue is Reed did not pan out in Houston which led him to be demoted then waived from the Texans.

In Houston, Reed started seven games had 16 total tackles with no pass deflections or interceptions.


Read about the Ed Reed interview here. 

2 Responses to “Ed Reed Goes All In on the Texans”
  1. Albert Todd says:

    Ol’ Ed can’t accept that he’s a “has been” and he’s trying to deflect the blame. More power to him. His play will ultimately expose him for what he is.

  2. Miguel A. Almanza says:

    You could at least show a bit of class and don’t burn any bridges, Ed. I hope you’re better now that you’ve WON A GAME with your new team… because… wait…

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