March 18, 2018

Texans vs. Raiders: All-22

Once again it is time for our ALL-22 look at Sunday’s Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders game. Like always there are interesting tidbits from the game.




 Have to Break the Arm Tackle

Coverage Issues

 Case on the Move


 Trouble With Pass Protection




 Graham Helping Out Case





 One Or the Other

 Mercilus Struggling





Special Teams


More Mercilus

 Case Reading Defense Issues


 Wildcat vs. the Texans




 Busted Routes


 Killing the Play

Andre Johnson Can Be Better



 Best Throw of the Game


 Does Tate Have a Chance?

3rd and Goal Mess



 Final Play of the Game Has No Chance


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2 Responses to “Texans vs. Raiders: All-22”
  1. Nate says:

    Lots of good stuff here. Final play, need TD, routes have 3 Texans receivers at the 4 yd line and 2 WRs on 8 defenders in end zone. Bad play design for the situation. Also, what was 8’s hurry to get rid of it when nobody is even close to open? Plenty of time and room to step up and… oh, wait. Schaub. Enough said.

    The play where Andre covers himself with Woodson, it looks to me like AJ would love to sit 2 yds deep and get that ball, but he is forced to give up his good position because the ball is overthrown. AJ has to retreat 5yds deep (and into Woodson) and the ball’s still over his reach. Tough to fault him too much there.

    Also, on the 7OL play, Brooks blows the play before the snap by being 8-10 inches too wide on his split, allowing the DE space to knife in and blow it up. Being flexed as he was, his split should be a couple inches LESS than the other OLs to close the natural inside gap. New formation failed at the first hurdle: lining up correctly.

  2. Nate says:

    Also, on the Dre-Woodson play, wouldn’t the MUCH easier TD throw have been to the slot on other side (Posey?)? Looks on the pic like he jumped up when the ball went to 80 like “Oh, man, we HAD it!” Looks like the old Schaub problem with only throwing to 80 and ignoring the young WRs opposite him.

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