March 19, 2018

Texans Head Coaching Watch List Starts to Grow

With the firing of former Head Coach Gary Kubiak, the Houston Texans will turn their full efforts to find their new head coach while trying to finish out the 2013 season. Owner Bob McNair had this to say about the upcoming coaching search:

“We would like someone who has had head coaching experience, but has also had NFL experience. It’s a combination of those two things would be the ideal situation and there are people who meet those conditions.”

McNair continued,

“…experience shows that those people who were selected to be a head coach in the NFL, met with more success if they had head-coaching experience. And if you take someone who has been a coordinator, you’re basically moving them from a lower level of management, let’s say, to a higher level of management that they’ve never been in before. So, there’s a question mark as to whether they can elevate their performance to be able to handle those additional responsibilities, and some people can’t. Some people who have been players always have a player mentality and you can’t have a player mentality and be the manager, be the coach, be the guy that’s got to make tough decisions. I mean, you’ve got to think about the organization and not just think about the players’ viewpoint because the players’ viewpoint isn’t necessarily the organization’s viewpoint in all cases.”

McNair made it pretty clear on what he is looking for in his next head coach for the franchise. The Houston Chronicle and ESPN have already started naming potential candidates to replace Kubiak as the Texans third head coach in franchise history.

The names David Shaw from Stanford and former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith‘s names have already surfaced after today’s press conference.

4 Responses to “Texans Head Coaching Watch List Starts to Grow”
  1. Dough says:

    I’m for Shaw or Briles (we could lure him away)

  2. Julian Cruz Jr. says:

    What about Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell or David Shaw the Head coach of stand ford? Please Texans DON’T name Wade Phillips your new Head coach! and bring one new Defensive coordinator that runs the 4-3 Defensive so we can be a the new Seawhawks on the Afc South. GO TEXANS!!

  3. rinjt says:

    When Phillips came in several years ago, this team was like number 3 in defense. That means they were doing something right. Too many key loses last year to free agency is what killed them, I believe.

    • Patrick D. Starr says:

      Look at the players that left, were they draft picks when Wade was here? Majority of the D players that left were here when Wade arrived.

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