March 21, 2018

Texans Interested in Jay Cutler?

The three game schedule remaining for the Houston Texans will be an interesting run for a team that has been shell shocked since early in the season and now looking for the offseason to save them. If the head coaching vacancy will not be enough news for the coming month, the quarterback situation for the team moving forward will be another hot topic for discussion.

It is obvious that the future of Matt Schaub is coming to an end with the Head Coach who brought him here no longer with the team, and a high salary cap number that can be reduced to nothing but guaranteed money for the next two seasons. With that said, there will be a new starter on opening day week of the 2014 season. Will it be Case Keenum, a drafted quarterback or



There is still the cap situation that people will point to, but like any NFL team if they want a player bad enough they will make it work. Cutler, the former 1st round pick in 2006, was drafted by the Denver Broncos and later traded to the Chicago Bears in 2009.  He is in his final year of his contract and the Bears have been making it known that they do not intend to Franchise Tag the 8 year veteran.

This is all pure speculation, but with Owner Bob McNair feeling there is still talent on the team, the Texans might not be content on letting a rookie quarterback or Keenum be the signal caller until they are ready. There are options for the Texans at quarterback and Cutler is just another option the Texans could kick the tires on.

The thought of Cutler coming to Houston will be frowned upon by the majority of the fan base, but with being plugged into front offices, this is the second time that Cutler’s name has been connected to the Texans. There are still decisions to be made, but the door feels to be open to any option at this point heading into the 2014 NFL season.

If we put Cutler in comparison to what he was to what Matt Schaub has done:

Schaub vs. Cutler

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3 Responses to “Texans Interested in Jay Cutler?”
  1. David Walthall says:

    Why not go after RG3 instead? … package the 1st pick w/ some def players. I think he has more upside than Cutler. Plus he’s from TEXAS.

    • Roy says:

      Because he is a runner, and the these last 2 seasons prove why we shouldn’t get him. INJURIES to the low section of his body due to said reason (runner).

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