March 17, 2018

91 Days and the Texans are Still Searching

It has been 91 days since the Houston Texans have put a win on the board.  With 12 straight losses, 0-12 in Indianapolis all time, the Texans produced their worst game of the season on Sunday and the Indianapolis Colts made life tough with a 25-3 win. Uninspired play by the Texans let the Colts take advantage of them from the first drive of the game and the Colts did not let up until the final whistle of the game.

The firing of Gary Kubiak did little for the Texans and they looked even worse without their former head coach. The team is looking for a way out and right now the off season is the only thing that can save them at the moment. With a loss next week, the Texans will secure at least a top two pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Case Struggles

Eight starts, eight straight losses for Keenum as the starter for the Texans, and this one was his worst performance of the season. A 52.9% completion percentage, 168 passing yards, 2 interceptions and a 42.3 quarterback rating made this some tough football to watch. The offensive line did their part to protect Keenum and the excuse that former head coach Gary Kubiak was not calling plays to make the quarterback successful cannot be used. Since his first three games as a starter, Keenum has thrown two touchdowns and six interceptions, and to make matters worse he has only completed 60% of his passes in a game only once.

Keenum has taken another step backwards as a quarterback and, once again, he looked lost with blitz reads against the Colts. There are two games left for the season and Keenum’s play is pushing the Texans to find his replacement either in free agency or the draft.


Penalties Plagued the Texans

The frustrating part was Wade Phillips addressing the media last week and letting it known he brought in Big XII officials during practice to help the Texans correct their penalty issues. Despite the help, it did not translate to the field as the Texans had 14 penalties for 144 yards. This has turned into a team issue and showed how undisciplined this team is when it steps on the field.  Add this to the Texans penalty performance last week, that makes 28 penalties for 321 yards and this is another recipe for the current Texans disaster.


New Ideas, Same Result

Wade Phillips shifted some things around in his coaching staff and made defensive back coach Vance Joseph more involved with the defensive calls and gave quarterback coach Karl Dorrell a little more influence in the passing game for the offense. Despite the changes, the results and the play on the field were the same. There were a few wrinkles but the execution of the game plan was another sad situation for the Texans.


Insult to Injury

The loss pushed the Texans to 0-12 all time against the Colts in Indianapolis and the Colts were running reverses and calling fake punts while up 20+ points during the game. The Colts showed no mercy for a Texans team that has taken the AFC South crown the past two seasons. With the division in the Colts’ hands this season, it was another tough pill to swallow for the Texans.


Two Bright Spots

Joe Mays

At least Joe Mays showed up defensively, and with 13 total tackles he was one of the only Texans laying the hat on Colts’ players on the field. His play all season has been solid and he has been playing well in the box against the run game. Mays is limited in pass coverage but paired correctly with a healthy Brian Cushing they could still be a formidable duo for the Texans. Mays was the lone bright spot for the defense and seeing him still playing despite the circumstances says plenty about Mays as a professional.


Ryan Griffin

The rookie from Connecticut showed he has what it takes to be a good tight end in the league with 6 receptions and 62 yards. With the future of Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham in question after this season, Griffin showed how well he uses his speed and big frame to make plays. He still has some work to do in the run game but Griffin getting the opportunity to produce is only helping his stock for next season.


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  1. cartooner says:

    After Jacksonville II, Kubiak attributed the myriad of penalties to lack of discipline due to a failure in coaching. He was right, but the problem was that Kubiak’s idea of accountability, which is what encourages and nurtures discipline, was a joke. Then comes Wade bringing in Big 12 refs to throw flags during practice. Really, Wade? I know it’s Gary Kubiak’s offensive scheme, but c’mon, man! I know Wade Phillips thinks he’s being coy, but his desperation for a HC job is so transparent it’s costing him his dignity.

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