March 21, 2018

SOTT’s Christmas List (Texans Edition)

This 2013 season is two games away from ending but it has been a painful one to watch especially with the current 12 game losing streak. Here at State of the Texans, we put together a Christmas Wish List pertaining to the Houston Texans and hopefully Santa Claus delivers the goods when the season ends and prior to next season’s week one.

Take a look at our Wish List to Santa about the Texans:


Wish List

1. No More Injuries

The Texans have had enough for the season.  In three consecutive weeks, the Texans lost Brian Cushing, Danieal Manning and Owen Daniels. All three were important parts of the season and we do not want any more serious injuries for the Texans. Let’s just get through these last two games in one piece. 


2. End the Keenum Experiment for this Season

At some point, there has to be an ending to the bad football the offense has shown and there has to be a point where the other 52 players on the team are tired of looking at the same picture: poor reads, not seeing the blitz, taking bad sacks and not completing high percentage passes. Case Keenum is not ready for the NFL and he is hurting the team more than helping them at this point. Eight straight losses is enough and the bad offensive play falls mostly on him. Let Keenum sit for the rest of the season so there is no more damage done to his confidence for the rest of the season. 


3. Stop the Penalties

28 penalties for 321 yards in the past two games is enough. Can we have discipline and a team that is focused during the game? They are coming at critical times in drives and are repetitive set backs.  It has to stop. 


4. Wrap Up

Not presents, but tackling on defense. Flying shoulders are not going to take down NFL offensive players and this has been a persistent problem for the team. Tackling drills would be nice, but seeing the same shoulders flying in to make a stop is getting tough to watch. 


5. Give Mr. McNair the Right Head Coach

Mr. McNair has a big decision moving forward and getting a head coach that shares his vision and plan will be key to the franchise success. This is McNair’s organization and he is responsible for what happens next, not Rick Smith or whoever else shows up on the sidelines. Getting McNair’s goals back in order is key and it starts with the first decision coming out of this season, who will be the next head coach.


6. Deliver a Quarterback

In the draft, free agency or via a trade, the Texans need a quarterback who can lead this franchise, one that makes 4th quarter comebacks and can carry a team when the rest of the phases of the game is lacking. This franchise has really only known two quarterbacks and both have worn the #8 uniform. It is time for a change, one that can handle the pressure that comes with the position. 


7. Give Andre Johnson and J.J. Watt Extra Presents Under the Tree 

It is not often where franchises headed to the number one overall pick have top talents like Johnson and Watt. They both should retire as Texans when their careers are over, and any head coach coming into this situation should be happy they have some front line talent. Despite the ugly season, Watt and Johnson have put up impressive seasons. 


8.  Wish All Of Our Readers A Happy Holidays

Without our readers, we are nothing. We want to thank you for coming and visiting us on a daily basis. From all of us here at SOTT, we wish you and your family a Happy Holidays. 


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One Response to “SOTT’s Christmas List (Texans Edition)”
  1. cartooner says:

    Good list! I care more about the ones for the future like #5 & 6.
    I pray Bob McNair gets good counsel and finds THE head coach. Your report on Penn State’s O’Brien is intriguing. Next, I hope they find THE QB. 13 different QBs played in the last 10 Super Bowls. Only four played for teams that didn’t draft them. Only one of those four was the winning QB (Brees). Six of the 13 were first round picks. I strongly believe our first pick in this next draft should be a quarterback.
    Merry Christmas, I love hearing your takes on Koch & Kalu on 790.

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