March 18, 2018

Playing Schaub Best for the Texans


With Case Keenum out for the last home game against the Denver Broncos, Matt Schaub is set to start for the 2 and 12 Houston Texans. This might not be a bad thing for the Texans for their last two games of the season, and with the Broncos headed to Reliant preventing a manhandling in front of the home crowd is important.

Keenum has been anything but an NFL quarterback for the past month and the last game Schaub got in versus the Jacksonville Jaguars he moved the ball as usual. The timing couldn’t be any better and having Schaub at quarterback could be good for the remainder of the season.


Watchable Football

At least the offense will be able to move the football with Schaub at quarterback. The Texans have been borderline unwatchable with Case Keenum at quarterback for the past month with the offense stagnant. We are not saying that Schaub will produce a win, but to see the offense have some positive will be good to see again. Schaub has proved that he can move the offense, just the scoring touchdown part has been the big issue.


Get a True Late Look on the Offensive Personnel 

The Texans are going to move the ball and getting a better evaluation of the offensive personnel is important. The Texans front office needs to see this offense work again at a decent pace to see what exactly needs to be fixed for next season. We all know the quarterback position is one, but with a new head coach coming in the skill positions and offensive linemen need a chance too.


Getting Case a Break

There is no clue what Keenum’s future will be, but the reality is that he is not ready for the NFL stage. At some point, the confidence of the other 52 players on the roster has to be at an all time low with Keenum running the show. The big plays early in Keenum’s starts have gone away and teams are testing the second year quarterback to make real reads and precise passes. Even if it is a thumb issue, getting Keenum out of the lineup is a good thing for an offense that has produced next to nothing.


Showcase Schaub for Other Teams

First off, there has been no indication that Schaub will be released prior to next season and the June 1st deadline. Also, the $11.5 million left guaranteed on Schaub’s deal is something the Texans cannot just throw away with a team that is working against the salary cap. With the NFL being a quarterback hungry league, Schaub will get another chance to put game snaps on film, and if the Texans can flip him for anything it will be considered a win. There are teams who are looking for a quarterback for a two to three year stretch to develop a younger quarterback and Schaub could possibly be that guy. There is no telling what other teams are thinking about the former starter for the Texans, but all it takes is one team to value him.

There will be chatter about how Schaub can ruin the chances for the first overall pick, but right now the Texans sit at an 97% chance to land the 1st or 2nd overall selection in the NFL draft.


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2 Responses to “Playing Schaub Best for the Texans”
  1. David V Becerra says:

    Maybe for the last two games it may be, but the Texans need to get away from this offense they have now for next year. New coach, new offense, new start. The other NFL teams have caught on to this offense and defense. Time to completely change. In these games Case has started the O-line hasn’t done a very good job at protecting the QB, Not only that but the penalties the defense are making is totally causing the defense to get of the field after making great plays or stops.
    New coach, new offense, better defense, new start for our Texans next year!

  2. cartooner says:

    You make a good case for Schaub starting, nevertheless, I do think Yates should have a shot. He seems to be paying a higher price for his mistakes than Schaub or Keenum and he may surprise. We haven’t found our QB of the future yet, even it it turns out to be Keenum, so we ought to take a closer look at Yates.

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